this is the RIGHT green!

Hey-ho, how is everybody? It’s been busy hereabouts, but not so much with sewing.

More like reporting phone outages, then wifi outages, then everything outages, deliveries made to the wrong building and ruined in the heat, et cetera.

Such stuff as life is made of, seasoned with lots of extreme heat along with all the usual baking and laundry and such like.

How’s it been around your place? Read any good books lately?

I finally finished Arrest the Bishop and Bewildering Cares, both by Winifred Peck. The Bishop seemed interminable until more than half way through, when I stayed up faaar too late finishing it because it suddenly got interesting. Now I’m reading Peck’s Warrielaw Jewel, which is good from the get-go.

And speaking of books, did I never show you what Karen Ball’s review inspired me to get? No?? Well, here it is, and I must say it’s a great book. Don’t know that I’d make any of the Laura Ashley inspired pieces, but all the patterns are included. Just in case. 😉

I think that Table of Contents looks interesting. And there’s also my Yank’s fascination with Liberty fabrics. . .

I remember the first time I saw and handled some Liberty cotton lawn. I was being generally overwhelmed by San Francisco’s Britex Fabrics—floors of fabulous fabrics stacked everywhere.

Cottons, I thought. Surely they’ll have some cottons under $50 a yard. And then I spotted Liberty, which I’d never heard of, couldn’t afford and never forgot. (dreamy look)

Anyway, it’s an interesting book.


By-the-by, have any of you Tremendously Inventive Lovelies an idea of how I might repair this green linen knit? (The top photo is the right green.)

The dastardly washer I had in my Virginia place did this, and I’ve been loath to Kondo it. Too much joy in the greeness.

Everyone please send cooling thoughts for all the millions across the globe sweltering in extreme heat. (Canada, send down some cooler air, pretty pleeese.*)

Thaaank you, Dear Ones!

🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦

*Ice cream would be nice, too. 😍

8 thoughts on “life”

    1. Thank you, Robyn! Hope you are able to stay cool as well. As long as these pop-up afternoon showers keep popping up they cool things down.
      Not sure about how to accomplish an eyelet-ish sort of stitch, but can look it up. Suggestion for thread content? Silk? Rayon? Somehow cotton doesn’t seem appropriate.
      Stay cool!


  1. Sounds grim! I hate having to deal with (the massively inappropriately named) customer service departments. And those things always seem to come in batches. Grrr.
    The only thing I can think of by way of repair to your top is to embroider over the holes.

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    1. I love your “massively inappropriately named customer service departments” phrase! Thank you!
      Yes, some sort of embroidery is the only thing that came to me as well… Defining “some sort” and which threads stymies me. (Finding DMC cotton is difficult enough round here. 🤔)
      Thank you! 😘

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      1. 😀
        Hm. I don’t do a lot of embroidery, but may have to try as I just found a stain on a favourite sweater that no amount of washing will remove. 🙁

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          1. Thanks for the link 😀👍👍
            I thought about appliqué, but am worried that the wool is too fine and it will add too much weight. The stain is very small — but really prominent 🙁

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