windows, july

Living in this huge apartment complex has its pluses and minuses. Here are several views from my flat’s second story windows. . .

Windows directly across the car park and street don’t give anyone much privacy, and I’ve never noticed any opened blinds across the way.

On the other side, facing East, its a bit better, if you ignore the dead tree that is supposed to get removed before it damages anything! Lots of car windows on this side. 🤪

I’m trying to link this to Wild Daffodil’s Windows Challenge, but it keeps getting covered with rather dark turquoise shading. Hopefully this will get you there


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  1. Yes! The link worked. I think wordpress must be up to its annoying tricks at the moment – I do wish they would stop messing around. You have an interesting array of windows, including the car windows. Thanks so much for your entry. i hope that tree gets cleared soon.

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