mystery fabric 👻

Not quite a Wordless Wednesday post…

Squeeeeee! A squidgy package has arrived!!

And it has 3 yards of lovely, light cotton lawn that was **On Sale.**

Even better, there’s more on the bolt if you fancy a bit.

They ship worldwide. . .

hehehehehehee 😁


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  1. I’ve ordered lots of things from the U.S.(and China) and rarely get hit with customs duties – although it depends how much the items are worth. I don’t often buy anything of great value. The UK is stricter I think and you pay VAT on items of £15 or over and customs duties on items with a total value of £135 or over. It’s usually the shipping costs that put me off more than anything else but, of course, that works both ways.

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    1. Ooo, this is great info, Lynn—thank you!
      How are you doing in the heat wave? Was just reading the Guardian. Have friends in Spain… 🤞 🤞 🥵 We’re hot here, too, but have air con to counteract; however, that also uses valuable resources… It’s been a busy week here but have your cammie pattern on top of my weekend pile. And next week is 4th of July— more time to sew. Yikes! July! Already?🥴 Stay cool and hydrated, Lovely.


      1. I think it’s 37 today and no air conditioning but we do live in a very old house with super thick walls and shutters. The floor (where the living areas are) is fine but the 2nd floor is getting hot as there’s no loft space so might have to put the electric fan into action tonight.

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        1. Fans can help tremendously! A bowl if water or ice in front of the fan will also help, assuming you’ve got a dry heat. (Forget it if its high humidity.)


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