monday . . ⛈ ⛈ ⛈

Three pieces of tissue viscose/rayon, purchased in 2016, have slowly been rising to the top of the ToDo list.

Thinking to finally get them made up, I decided to drag out a piece of heavier cotton knit to toile a couple of patterns I’ve had since forever.

Yes, I know there’s definite differences between the weights of the two fabrics, but somehow that didn’t seem important.

First up was the cammie version from Lois Hinse’s Tank Dress Group, No. 5305. Just found it on Vogue’s site and still available.

I also cut some shorts from a TNT pattern, Butterick’s B5432. I did a mid-knee version to see if I liked it. The jury’s still out. 🤔

Incidentally, witness2fashion on WordPress did an excellent review of the many trouser names and lengths from the ’70’s. Guess mine are the Bermuda length.

For some reason I put off wear-testing the new duo, but when I did I was surprised by how the top fit.

Look at the neckline in this photo. I hadn’t given it much thought because I’d cut out the tank top pattern, narrowing the shoulder straps.

When I tried it on I realized it wasn’t anything like the photo, even with the narrowed straps. Hm.

See how narrow this neckline is? Compare it to the camisole picture. See a difference?

My opinion is what’s labeled as the camisole pattern has is the same neck and straps as the dress version, but I keep forgetting to get the pattern back out and check.

What do you Lovelies think? Are they different necklines. Suggestions welcomed!

Did I get the wrong pattern pieces? No. There are only four, and the other two are definitely the dress pattern because they’re miles long.

Sure, I could fix it by redrafting the pattern, but I don’t want to. Instead, I’m considering this toile for lounging at home only. And I’m giving more thought to hacking my Hemlock tee from last winter.

But on the other hand, do I want to go to the trouble of hacking the Hemlock?As you can see, heat-induced summer ennui has set in. 🙄

Adding complexity was a recent Love to Sew episode on how to rub off (copy without cutting up) an RTW. If I had a good RTW cammie I might give that a try . . .

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! 🤪

Time to switch gears and crochet!

My latest autumnal crochet project’s yarn (Brett’s Marble Chunky – MC07) is still a delight to work with—all that luscious coloured softness running through my fingers is sooo satisfying!

The ski cap is completed, and whilst browsing through early posts of Lucy’s Attic24 I spied an idea for how to use up the large remainder.

Watch this space. 😉

Meanwhile, hope you have lovely things planned for your June. If I can dash out between the raindrops and get to the library, there are several goodies waiting.

Enjoy, Lovelies!


6 thoughts on “monday . . ⛈ ⛈ ⛈”

  1. Well now, this is a conundrum…I agree that those two necklines are indeed different. It would be startling expecting coverage and having -ahem – none? HAHA. That said, I have no recommendations because I don’t do tank tops (unless they’re under a jacket). Enjoy your crochet time, that color combo is lovely!

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    1. Hello! Long time no see! Must correct any notion that I would wear a cammie without a duster or shirt in public. 😱 Wouldn’t inflict such a sight on an unsuspecting public.
      However, at home alone is another game altogether. 😉 Hope you’re doing well. 😘

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  2. They definitely look different to me. I have just made a tank with the narrower straps and lower, scooped neck (plus back too) and will post about it just as soon as I can nab a willing photographer. I would recommend the (free) pattern but, judging from your reply to Linda above, you prefer the higher neckline anyway.

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    1. Thank you, Linda! I like the height of the neckline, too! Strangely, it’s the width of the neckline that isn’t proportional. I do not have broad shoulders, and this opening fits over my head with an inch more on either side. Looks very strange to my eye, and throws everything else out of line. Hard to describe and impossible to take a photo without raising an arm and thus ruining the shot. Oye.🤔

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