catching up on puttering

My spring break felt shortened and diminished due to some bad weather, silly politics, and general ickiness.

Hope all you Lovely Readers had wonderful weather, lots of good things to eat and wear, and were able to enjoy Life a bit.

I decided to take as much of last week as possible to make up for losing the first part. Te-hee! Not enough to catch up on puttering! So this past weekend was added.

I managed to decide why two items just weren’t getting worn and fixed them (hems hiked on my red culottes from late last summer, and a jade green skirt made in late winter. ) I also found some light weight cotton for the inside waist facing for next autumn’s navy flannel trousers.

Which led to this floaty duster, now half done — one sleeve in, facings and finishings to go. Am now contemplating the dark & milk chocolate cotton and silk mix for something to wear underneath.

As the duster is a slightly fuzzy 100% cotton with an outstanding print, and there’s this other outstanding silk/cotton print to wear with it, I’m thinking plain lines either dress or skirt and blouse. (More flexibility with separates.)

And I did a bit of baking, as it was Easter. A bit of chocolate, of course, plus the always-a-favourite fruit muffins, and a raisin spice cake.

As usual, the reading and listening continues…

Finished the 400+ pages of Sayers’ Have His Cascase, and enjoyed it very much. However, I think I’ll wait a bit before tackling the third Harriet Vane mystery. It’s over 500 pages.


Also listened and loved The Little French Bistro by Nine George, am wending my way through Kipling’s Jungle Book (another childhood book never read) and am half way through listening to Jan Karon’s Come Rain or Come Shine.

Meanwhile, there’s a sleeve to put in and lots more fabric to contemplate. 🥰

❤️ ❤️ Hope your week is going well! ❤️ ❤️

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  1. Lovely makes – the silk/cotton blend fabrics look gorgeous and will make beautiful separates, although I could see a dress too.

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