remember these two rayons?

They’ve been sitting here quietly, waiting for me to locate some stretch lace for their waistbands.

I looked at Vogue Fabrics (Chicago) on-line first, but didn’t find any. So I looked a few more places, browsing other fabrics along the way, as we do. . .

Spent a weekend thinking how to proceed further. Finally thought I could at least call Vogue’s 800 number and ask if they had anything in the store, and they did.


Turns out they had lots of elastic lace in different colours and widths and percentages of stretch.

We emailed and called over a day or two, and whilst doing that, I had a look at Vogue’s fabrics, as we do. 😉

Despite our winter weather I’d fixated on a summer pattern acquired last year, V1496.

With that on the mental back burner Vogue’s latest laser print linens and pontes were tempting me, until a rayon caught me eye.

The rest, as they say, is history and both the elastic lace and the rayon are winging their way to moi.

Hopeless, aren’t I?


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  1. This made me laugh as I literally just checked out some quilting fabric, tracing paper and quilt wadding despite saying ‘no more’. I was seduced by the offer of free shipping for this weekend only and, as it’s coming from the U.K., and post-Brexit such things might become more difficult for me, it just had to be done.
    What are we like?

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