In keeping with Sandra’s (Wild Daffodil) photo theme of Windows, here are a few windows from the past. . . Hope you enjoy. 🥰

Palo Alto, California: Window at Tea Time, a favourite haunt in past years.

Chicago, Illinois: Contrast the high-rise’s windows with the onion at the top of an historic building now housing a Bloomingdale’s department store.

Chicago, Illinois: Dusk comes to buildings in the South Loop-the southern portion of the downtown area (known as The Loop).

South Loop, Chicago, Illinois: The Main Library’s multi-storied windows.

Arlington, Virginia: View from a vacant apartment window into courtyard below.


7 thoughts on “windows”

  1. I love checking out Christmas trees in windows at night. Worth getting cold for – and thank you to everyone who puts a lit tree in their window 🤗

    1. Don’tcha know it! 🤣 A full city block with the south section of the elevated subway all along the north side of the building. (This photo is the south side.)
      The subway was originally going to have an exit directly into the building. That got nixed somewhere along the line and evidently nobody realized they should redesign the interior. 🤪
      The only way to get from the huge foyer to upstairs is either a tiny elevator hidden in an east corner, or take an also hidden escalator up. But that only gets you to the second floor. 😣
      Once there you walk around the escalator shaft, enter past the guards that search your bags upon exiting, walk all the way across the third floor to the elevators. They take you to the rest of the floors. 😳
      Oh. There is a separate escalator in the middle of 3rd floor that will take you up. But at each floor you must walk across to get on that floor’s up escalator. 😵
      And there’s more but I’m finished trying to type on this crazy tablet. 🙄

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