a stretch too far?

What do you. think, Lovely Readers? (That white is a handkerchief, so you can tell where there’s a pocket.)

Do these two coordinate? Extra points for lining pockets with the rayon skirt fabric??

(Below: Sorry I didn’t stick a hand in to show that lining. It was too busy trying to hold the tablet steady whilst the other hand searched for the shutter button.)

It feels like I’ve been faffing about half-heartedly with these two forever, but haven’t minded it.

(Below: Doesn’t that double row of stitching down the front look nice? Just consider the wee fold in the pocket below it to be a design feature.)

These might both be considered out of season, and submitted for this month’s Monthly Stitch challenge.

But actually, there’s yet another duster, cut out in December, that was planned for the challenge. But even that’s hedging, as it was cut out last year.

What to do? 🥴

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