Thought I’d better break my lazy silence and try putting up a post, if all the tablet and internet goblins will allow.

The Mystery Crochet progresses nicely, and Arctic air visits may yet allow me to use it this winter, assuming there is enough yarn. If I have to get another ball, this project risks being stored for next winter.

But there are things worse than a squidgy package in the mail to contemplate. 😉

❤️ Stay Warm! Or Cool, depending on your weather. ❤️

4 thoughts on “tuesday”

  1. Fourteen 50g balls – going to have a go at a heavily cabled cardigan. I’ve cast on and done a couple of rows of rib but it feels so weird holding the needles as I’ve been hooking stuff for so long now.


  2. I love those colours!
    I received a squishy in the post yesterday although, to be honest, it wasn’t a squishy at all because there was enough to warrant a box 😮 I blame the sales. All for one project though.

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