sorta silly saturday

Sandra, over at Wild Daffodil, has a year-long photo challenge on “windows” and I thought I’d add a photo.

It includes street lamps and hallways. Can you tell what’s what?

Don’t faint. . . but yours truly actually got some sewing done the other day. Remember this cotton batik? Recognise a slight problem? Note the neck facing attached to the front facing which is almost twice as wide as it should be?? Hmmm. Needed some trimming.

Also note the slight excess of fabric (that fold) in the facing of the other side? Measurement showed a one inch difference in the width between the right and left sides. Somehow the whole neck and front facing thingey got very unaligned.

I decided to trim off that extra inch on the too wide side so it would match the other. Maybe that would take care of that extra fabric that was causing the fold.

So I decided it was time to make things right. Note those chalk lines? That’s where the serger evened things out.

Success! Evening out and matching both sides fixed the fold and aligned all the facings. Remaining is tacking those facings down and hemming.

I guess this is called “Slow Sewing.”


11 thoughts on “sorta silly saturday”

    1. I get too obsessed with wanting something right away, and then dropping it if there’s a glitch. Habit to work on this year. Too bad I got the last of the bolt, Lynn. Would you like some scraps for your quilting?


      1. That’s a nice thought, thank you. The fabric looks as if it’s a teal, blue/green type of colour and, if so, would come in handy for the quilts I contribute blocks to that are then auctioned to raise funds for ovarian cancer – their ribbon colour being teal.

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            1. 😢 Got out of the jungle safely but without much to show for the effort. Am not a quilter so don’t know if you could use 5.5 narrowing to 4″ wide by 10″ long (doubled) and a V-shaped doubled piece 7″ at widest by 9″ at longest. Can send a piccie…


  1. Great photo!
    I’m practicing slow sewing here too. I’m not sure when I’ll get the very simple dress I cut out this week finished at the rate I’m going. You look as though you’re on the home straight – and the fabric looks lovely 😊

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    1. Thank you, Sandra! Am delighted you approve. Knew it wasn’t exactly what I’d have preferred, but there’s nothing else to hand. And its been raining every day and not conducive to getting out. 🌨 ☔️


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