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Having downloaded the apps for WordPress and Firefox, am beginning to feel a bit more like normal. I must say that seeing the horrid ads before getting Firefox back has made me think more seriously about going to a dot com site instead of remaining on the WordPress freebie.

What do you think, Lovely Readers? How do you feel about ads??

As you can see from the above photos, getting out last winter’s makes has brought up several issues I hadn’t settled last year. Like how long is too long or too short a sleeve? And how much is too much knit curling?

(It also reminded me not to sew a stretchy knit with a straight stitch. Zigzag, del. Remember to zig zag those seams that need to stretch.) 😝

Have been making appropriate ‘adjustments’ to these two pieces from late last winter. And finally discovered where I carefully filed the cut out yoga pants to match the top photo’s green knit top. Duh!

It shouldn’t take much time to sew up on the serger. But I seem to be doing more procrastinating these last few days before Tuesday. Perhaps I’m not alone?

The weather seems to be in a one or two day shift between 70’s and 50’s,which means windows are opened the safety-locked three inches whilst the air con is also set at 72. (So when the place starts heating up too much the air con will start and I’ll remember to close the windows. . . . . . . Maybe?)

Please may I revisit Margo and her glorious 1970’s wardrobe once again? Lovely Tialys had written that she couldn’t imagine Margo in a onesie. Well, you know what had to happen right after that. . . I watched the remaining Good Neighbors/The Good Life year 3. And so. . . .

“Of course I’m cleaning, Jerry. But I don’t have to look like I’m enjoying it.”

😂. ❤️. ❤️. ❤️. 😂


10 thoughts on “catching up”

  1. I use basic WordPress but I don’t get any ads on your site. (Yet !)
    I used to enjoy The Good Life but I don’t remember that onesie at all 😂

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  2. I used to love watching the good life! With wordpress I decided fairly early on to pay for the .com so I wouldn’t have ads. The one thing I find frustrating now with wordpress is that you can no longer buy extra storage…and I’ve run out!

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    1. Oops! There are ways to make all your uploaded photos smaller files, and that saves your storage. It would take some doing for you to change what you have already loaded. So if you have bought more storage, you should learn to do this from now on. The online photo will still look fine, but you will have plenty of space! Let me know if you’re interested and we can schedule time to talk through the process. xx


  3. How I used to love The Good Life! Still do actually, when the repeats come around. I don’t seem to have a problem with Ads, or it may be that I just don’t notice them. Ghostery is one I’ll investigate if the need arises. Had to laugh about your ‘filing’ system. Although I’ve often got bits of yarny projects lying around, I always finish and wear my sewn garments immediately. And, “Yes” – always a zig zag for knits!

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    1. You’re fortunate to miss the ads! I found them overwhelming when using Safari. Now my Firefox is running they’re much reduced. Love that sweater you just re-seamed. Didn’t realise there were stretchy *and* non-stretchy seams for knitted garments, but have never done that much knitting. What sort of keyboard did you get for your ipad?

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      1. Apparently it’s because I chose a .com account that I don’t get bothered by adverts. I have a Logitech keyboard for my iPad mini – wouldn’t be without it.

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