did you??

Have been rather silent since my computer hard drive drove its’ last. Am “making do” on a tablet, so writing is not as usual… my apologies.

If you live in these United States, VOTE ! ! !

Now the obligatory piccie of a blankey in progress:

seems there’s more done than I thought…and still a lot more yarn. . . maybe I guestamated on the high side 😳

And an obligatory pic of my Hallowe’en manicure. . . 🎃

… showing off the very functional bookmark from Wales, as gifted by a lovely sewing friend who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is! 😘

More crochet planned for the weekend, and a bit of sewing. Hopefully!

Meanwhile, Keep Calm, & Vote! ❤️❤️❤️

9 thoughts on “did you??”

  1. Don’t know about doing anything on mobiles, so you’re way ahead of me there. Am just too much a computer user! BTW, about Margo in a onesie… 😂


  2. Thanks, Margaret. The touch screen is difficult not to touch too much and in the wrong places. OYE!!! One lovely plus is photos look smashing. Am enjoying your garden & other piccies even more!


  3. I also find it more cumbersome to do anything too wordy on a tablet – I’ve no idea how some people use their phones. Texts and short emails are my limit as far as mobiles (cells) go.

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  4. I don’t live in the US but everyone should always vote where ever they are. Voting is a privilege that some countries don’t have! I use my tablet sometimes and find it doesn’t have the same “buttons” and procedures as my laptop. Good luck with your projects and your tablet!

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