1970’s fashion

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In my last post I mentioned watching the 1975-77 BBC series, “The Good Life” (“Good Neighbours” in America on PBS) and becoming enthralled (again) with the costumes.

Lovely Tialys mentioned Margo’s floaty caftans, which set me wondering if that’s one reason for my own affection for them. Nah. I liked ’em long before I’d seen Margo’s. (But reinforcement, naturally… )

(Late last week a WUN’erful Canadian cold front came in and I’ve been wearing my absolute favourite, cuddly flannel caftan. Thank you, Canada!!!)

But back to “The Good Life’s” floaty caftans.  I promised a few snaps of Margo’s mid-1970’s wardrobe, and it turns out she was a real clothes lover, just like a few others I might know who shall be nameless.

Penelope Keith, the wonderful stage and screen actress who played Margo Leadbetter (“There are two t’s in Leadbetter”) is six feet tall and I’ve currently been enjoying her series on Britain’s villages. These days, her wardrobe is generally trousers and jackets.

But here are some snaps from my copies of the series. Again, click any photo to see a larger image.

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “1970’s fashion”

  1. What an elegant way to lounge around the house – much better than the recently popular onesie everybody seemed to be wearing (in the U.K. at least). I couldn’t possibly imagine Margo in an all in one fluffy adult babygro with bunny ears on top, could you? My favourite is the pink Christmas morning one but it might not go with my fluffy black cat face slippers 😺

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    1. No, I couldn’t image Margo in anything appropriate for bunny ears. Still, have that third year to view, as I got caught up in the bonus interviews of everyone remembering their filming experiences. 🐰


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