personal identity & what to wear . . .

Really, how important are our clothes? What do they say about us? What are they saying to others?  Could changing our clothes really change our lives??

If you didn’t see this on Hila’s blog , grab a cuppa, take a break and watch it now.

AUTUMN ! ! ! And just in time for any chilling winds, the crocheted hat & scarf are tasselled & done!

My wooly news from last week was finishing my green acrylic hat & scarf set. Yeah!  And just about completing the 8th of my blankey rectangles. Many more to go. Also continuing to slow knit my autumnal scarf. (All my knitting is slow.)

The teal shorts continue to sit, whilst I decide what to do with a nice bit of leftover rayon…

this will make more sense after you’ve seen the last video – promise!

just another saturday
Having survived a side swipe from the latest  hurricane, it was going to be regular Saturday laundry & maybe cooking a meat loaf. Plus doing a bit of sewing whilst  listening to “Good Neighbors,” a 1970’s BBC series.

If you’d like a peek at the program, click here and here.  Margo’s outfits are so 1970’s I’m putting together a small collection to be aired after I’ve finished watching the 3rd season.

But about that meat loaf. Remember the meat loaf??

About half way through the bake I went out to check it. As I put my hand on the stove top it almost raised a blister. Uh-oh. Something was wrong.

Seems the thermostat had baked it’s last bake and was registering its’ displeasure by refusing to turn off.  Grr… Not an option.

Maintenance came to the rescue, and the dead thermostat was replaced once everything had cooled off.

The glass pan did scrub up fairly easily, and the meat loaf is edible, thank goodness!

But the meat loaf, once I got it out of the cooker, appeared to be more than done, registering well above the appropriate internal temp.

So while I didn’t get any sewing done, the meat loaf is edible.   😳

a life without books is…
Death in the Tunnel.  Despite the fact of the train’s not “com(ing) to a screeching halt” in the middle of the  2½ mile tunnel, I found Miles Burton’s book both challenging and boring; however, the layers of detail kept me interested.

Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm, and taciturn, as reflected by the author’s prose style. I don’t know if I like this one or not. It’s currently feeling ominous. Maybe that’s intentional, and I’ve decided its’ not best to read it before bedtime!

Rather than leaving you with the image of burnt beef and an iffy thriller,  here’s something many of us will find interesting.  And it explains my hand in the middle of the teal fabric…

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10 thoughts on “personal identity & what to wear . . .”

  1. I watched the first video on Hila’s blog and had a little eye leakage and I just watched the second one, coincidentally after painting my toenails this morning a sort of orangey coral colour.
    Do you mean ‘The Good Life’? I think you must do – loved it back then and I imagine it would still make me laugh now. Looking forward to seeing your 70s collection. I am hoping it will include a sort of floaty kaftan which I seem to remember she had a penchant for.

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    1. Yes, I had some of that eye leakage watching both of these, and had just bought a new dark red polish the day before so had to try it out.
      Margo’s gorgeous floaty caftans are well represented! (Wonder if that’s partly supportive of my eternal love for the garment… although we weren’t seeing “The Good Life” [aka, “Good Neighbours”] over here until either the 1980’s or more probably 90’s.)


        1. Thank you for clarifying, Anne. Now I’m really eager to hear any of your daughter’s comments you care to pass along.
          Her comment about women mentoring younger women impressed me, as that’s something I’ve tried to do all along in my career.


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