time for a change …

playing with heavier weight cotton batik fabric… how to use?

As you see, I’ve changed themes.

Hope nothing has been lost along the way.

If you spot anything gone walkabout, do let me know so I can fix it. Thank you!

Decided a couple of weeks ago to get out this cotton batik from Vogue Fabrics. (I got the end of the bolt last year.)

It has niggled me since last summer. Heavier than I had anticipated, I had put it aside to think about how to use it.

Finally decided there was nothing for it but to make it up as a duster for when (if?) the weather moderates to the sixties instead of the nineties. It would make a good duster to pull on over something else.

(My duster pattern is very vintage & consists of pieces copied  years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea what company it was.)

But what about the “else” to go under prospective duster??  Not wanting to create an orphan, I took some time thinking about what else from stash might work with this busy batik.

maybe wearable with the batik?

Perhaps a combination of teals?

I have a bit of yardage in that solid-coloured rayon – am thinking maybe trousers.

Already have a top & cut-offs from the patterned fabric.

yesterday, almost at the ta-da! stage . . .

This was taken yesterday before front facings were sewn and wrists hemmed. Decided, as the fabric was distinctly not floaty, to leave long slits on either side to allow whatever floatiness might be possible. I cut the back with no centre seam and a slight flare.

To be completed today are the hems. As the sides  are slit 12″ each there are three sections to hem (back and the two fronts).

Then to decide how to tack down the (un-interfaced) facings. I am not a fan of hand sewing, but might have to do it anyway. We’ll see…

On past duster versions (last year’s) I didn’t use facings, in keeping with the very light weight of the fabric. However, I decided to use them this time. Why? Don’t exactly know. It was just a feeling. Know what I mean?


Finally finished my latest Durrell volume, Birds, Beasts and Relatives. Have deliberately tried to make it last as long as possible as am having trouble finding a good but inexpensive copy of the last of his Corfu Trilogy, Garden of the Gods.

(No false economy, as the reissued Trilogy over here has been more than the three separately.)

As always, I found Durrell’s writing highly entertaining, educational, nostalgic in the best sense, and humorous ~

“Now winter was upon us. Everything was redolent with the smoke of olive wood fires. The shutters creaked and slapped the sides of the house as the wind caught them, and the birds and leaves were tumbled across a dark lowering sky.” first sentence in chapter, “Owls and Aristocracy,” Birds, Beasts and Relatives.

❤     ❤     ❤

11 thoughts on “time for a change …”

  1. Sorry, this got a bit truncated. Thank you for the compliment on fabrics, Linda. I hunt far & wide but only on-line as that’s what’s available down here. I do love a good bit of blue, particularly when it’s turquoisey, and especially when there’s also some green involved. Have further plans for this batik… 😉

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  2. Lol! I was originally thinking the batik would be light & airy and perfect for a bright summer dress. Then the fabric arrived and I was so disappointed I could almost have made dust rags from it… but not quite. 😉
    By all means, get stuck into some Durrell & report back to us!


  3. Thank you so much, Cathy! I stare at computers too much to enjoy using a Kindle – much prefer a good used copy. And I help recycle that way, too.
    Speaking of such, does your good man have any suggestions for how I could fix a standing lamp that’s no longer screwing into its’ base? Gorilla glue won’t work metal-to-metal, will it? Any suggestions much appreciated as we’ve no fix-it places around here!


  4. A change is as good as a rest – or so they say. Love that batik and it looks great as a duster – which sort of makes me laugh as it always makes me think of a cloth you do the dusting with which, obviously, you are definitely not going to use your lovely jacket for.
    Must read (re-read?) some Gerald Durrelll – my husband was a big fan in his youth and can’t believe I’ve only read one.

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