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Yes, there’s a back story to my last post. I was hunting for an article on how to make tassels. In mentally working out a design for this in-process scarf (to match the hat) am thinking the added weight of some tassels will be needed to balance out the completed scarf’s lightness. And one might even appear on the hat – who knows?

Yes, I did find the article. I also rediscovered some knitting photos (below) that I’d used as inspiration for crocheted items. Crocheted whilst living in Chicago, I soon discovered that my version of the yellow-orange hood thingey did not keep out the bitter winds of a Chitown winter – too many holes! So if you get inspired, remember to be practical, too. 😉

I also sorted through lots of fascinating Threads articles, most of which I tossed. I’m beginning to realise I no longer have nor want to dress for a professional office, so all those tailoring & fitting articles are gone, and so is any temptation to return to such styles. (Well, not all the fitting articles got tossed… 😉)

today’s blogdom
Ever wonder how you manage to avoid spam in your blog’s Comments section? A little thingey called Akismet.  No relation to the 1950’s musical, Kismet, it’s a special programme that WordPress built into it’s structure.

{Edited to add: Akismet works only for spam comments on WordPress. It has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s personal email accounts.]

“Sooo…?” I hear some Lovely Readers inquire.

Briefly, because the European Union (EU) wanted to protect people’s on-line information they wrote the GDPR, a.k.a. General Data Protection Regulation.

It also applies internationally to companies the size of WordPress (and Facebook, IG, Google, Microsoft, etc). You can easily read about it on the EU site here.

That’s why WordPress has made a built-in announcement. Aren’t they clever?

Referring back to my stats here in the U.S. — Looking at them, I considered some of the dates/months listed on the left of the screen. Then I remembered what was happening (or about to happen) in the news at those times. There were some interesting numbers in months with interesting national activities. . .

Would you believe that in one month I got over 100 spam comments? And didn’t have to see any of them? I hadn’t even realised they were “there” because Akismet automatically put them into the spam folder.

They were all definitely spam. All from one or two sources (strangely “named” blogs) and all similar message.  Veddy, veddy weird.  I am so grateful I didn’t have to delete so many comments.

Sadly, these days we all need to be alert when we’re on-line. Why not take 5 minutes to look at your own Akismet page? It’s simple.

  • Log in and you should see your full Dashboard.
  • On the left side, look for Akismet Stats. It should be under Dashboard.
  • Click and all will be revealed.

Don’t see Akismet Stats?

  • Look here, scroll down to the left for Personal option–it’s free!
  • Click Get started with Personal.
  • On that next screen look down below the blue Continue bar to “Already have a account? Log in now” and follow the prompts.

summer books
Am slowly reading my way through these 4 books, savouring each of their varied perspectives, and enjoying them all very much. The Santa Klaus Murder is different from the other 2 Hay books I’ve read.

She includes a full-page list of characters, as well as the first floor house map. I use them both! The beginning chapters are each written from a different character’s perspective, with the final two-thirds written by the Chief Constable.

Uh. . . The weather hasn’t been very propitious, and I’ve managed to stay quite busy indoors attending to rather a lot of maintenance issues. The apartment complex currently has a good crew, quite competent and patient. Those qualities have been needed, as earlier staff was a bit lacking. Changes were made. A-hem.

Twice last week I was told it was a good thing I’d caught a problem early. Once because it saved me from possibly turning on a kitchen sink tap and getting an upward geyser instead of a downward, normal flow. The second issue saved a lot of my fridge food from getting thrown away because of consistently too high temperatures during the defrost cycle.

So it’s been an interesting summer, folks . . . .

11 thoughts on “prequel to old magazines”

  1. Thanks so much, Jen ~ always delightful to hear from you!
    By all means, toss that object into the naughty corner & not another thought until you’re rested and feeling like a challenge. 😉
    You know, in looking at those scarf photos, am now not quite certain if the top & bottom photos might not be the same stitch… Really did do a lot of variations, and possibly got the photos mixed up between computer & WordPress. Good thing it’s not a test! Lol! Thanks for another tassel vote! xx

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  2. Tassel? Yes! I agree that the bottom sample is the nicest, but I also like the top one. Re: Askimet, I’ve noticed how it works, but haven’t checked into it for a great while (a really, really long while). It must be time, and so I shall. Love your reading selections, and this whole post!

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  3. Margaret, I owe you an apology for not understanding what you meant in your comment about emails. I’ve not have that problem over here so didn’t know it existed.
    Thank you for your nice comment on the scarf! I’m amazed that the beginning yards of yarn didn’t look quite the worse for wear after being frogged so often. It held up beautifully and I really didn’t think about cutting any of it out. It was a fortunate buy “because it was on sale!”


  4. Oh, my goodness! I haven’t received any of the messages you described asking if I wanted them to continue – My apologies to Margaret for not quite understanding what she meant. Yikes!
    I agree that all those banners are a royal pain. I also go elsewhere if they’re persistent.
    Thanks for your vote of confidence on those tassels!


  5. I went and had a look and can ‘up’ your Spam by quite a bit. My best month so far was February at 4,350. Akismet – I think I love you.
    It’s a shame they don’t police our personal emails too. Like Margaret (Crafty Creeky), after the EU directive I was swamped with requests from companies I must have touched base with, however briefly, at some point or other over the past umpteen years, asking if I still wanted to receive their emails even though they hadn’t been sending me anything anyway. I unsubscribed from nearly all of them. Now, a lot of the sites I go and look at have huge banners across them telling me they use Cookies and I have to accept or go elsewhere – which I often do if I can’t remove the banner without clicking ‘yes’. I know the move was to protect our online privacy but, frankly, it’s been a pain in the derrière as we don’t say here in France.
    Good luck with your tassels – I think they would go very well on both scarf and hat.

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  6. Your scarf’s going to be lovely! With regards to spam though, I can’t say it has reduced at all since the ruling came in, certainly in my e-mail there’s just as much rubbish! I suppose those who send spam really don’t care about rules!

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