sewing, bread & the creative process

the moon isn’t the only thing with huge craters

Originally this post was titled “whaddya do when the bread don’t rise” but the writing wasn’t ‘rising’ either, so I put photos and post aside.

Serendipitously, whilst chatting with long distance sewing pal Jen the post came to mind again and she persuaded me to fix and post it. So here it is.

progress in slow sewing process

cutting out the shorts

There’s been a bit of progress – I can share a large unlined bag (below), made from leftover red & white cotton for the knee high shorts that are almost done. Plus the green & gold hat I’ve been crocheting is ready to be stitched up & pompommed.

Yeah! Progress in both the sewing and crocheting processes.

Creating something is a process, and I tend to forget sometimes that sharing the steps of that process in a post can be as interesting as a post written upon completion.

Whether it’s baking bread or sewing, the creator gets to choose what to pay attention to and what to work around and what to ignore. And those can be the interesting and valuable bits of the process, the things to share with others in our wonderful sewing community.

Friend Jen and I made a bargain: I’d revisit my belaboured post and she’d write about the latest bits in her process. (I hope she lists those patterns!)

Which reminds me… over the weekend I finally faced up to a black duster I started last summer. You know, the one that’s been lying on my cutting table for at least 6 weeks. I just don’t like the cotton gauze fabric. There’s not a thing wrong with it, I simply decided at some point that it was not “me.” E-vah!

So I’ve given myself permission to Let It Go. Even though it’s almost done. What a relief ! ! ! And you’ll never guess: Jen knows someone who might like it for a project.

What about that bread? I kept it. That weird end piece was eaten in bits with bites of cheese. The normal part I sliced, toasted and enjoyed.

Realisation? Most parts of the creative process are useful, but sometimes later rather than sooner. Plus, its’ value can extend beyond just yourself.

What you think isn’t worth writing about might be just the spark a Lovely Reader needs to move their own process forward.

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  1. One of the best words i have learned recently is ‘flawsome’. Self explanatory and just wonderful. I love the Japanese concept of ‘wabi sabi’ too. I’m sure your bread tasted great, and all the other ‘mistakes/flaws’ we create are wonderful too.

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  2. The best bit about blogging I think is that it is REAL, not instagram where everything is perfect “Look how clever I am and How wonderful is my life”. I love your bread!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Cathy, Yes, blogging is real! And we’re real people living real lives with real issues. Now others are “scientifically” discovering what we’ve all known – creativity can have a wonderful, positive influence for good in everyone’s lives. It’s a positive process of CONstruction!


  3. What an encouraging post, Del! You know that some of the processes have been slow and painful for me of late. (But my patterns have shipped so things are looking up!!!) Love your red tote. And even when a bit “funny”, homemade bread is such a marvelous thing. And rehomed dusters are also marvelous! 😉

    If my next posts cause me grief, I’m going to just recite your statement: “What you think isn’t worth writing about might be just the spark a Lovely Reader needs to move their own process forward.”

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    1. Back at you, Lovely ~ thank YOU for such an encouraging chat yesterday!
      Am delighted to hear your patterns are on their way – please let us know what they are!
      Did C indicate an interest in “slightly” worked over gauze?! Can search out an envelope for mailing… xxx
      PS/Looking forward to your post! 😉

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      1. Patterns did arrive! Will have to do a very quick post for them. Shoot, I forgot to ask about the gauze, and now she is away between terms.
        And since we’ve chatted since your post, you know that my next post will not have the desired garment update…but oh those red trousers! 😀

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        1. Red trousers languishing… possibly due to their “heat exhaustion” but promise to have a better report shortly. (No pun intended.) Don’t worry about the black gauze as it’s dumped into a pile on a chair at the moment, quietly awaiting further fates. Errr, assignments?! xx

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        2. Oops. . . 😳 My apologies. I am contrite.
          Just realized (duh) you probably meant YOUR red trousers, not my shorts.
          Have now seen your IG posts, and see I have the same pattern. Might give them a go if my get-up-&-go hasn’t gone to cooler climes. Pattern does say “loose-fitting through hips” which means I might be able to wear a cropped version now, if made in very cool rayon. And as I wouldn’t want them to be snug due to the heat/humidity factor…. . . .

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          1. Loose is so nice in this weather….but my dear, be careful, you do want them to stay where they belong. Shorts around your ankles cause such chagrin in the grocery store! 😀 😀

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            1. Yes! People will be distracted from our soon-to-be escalating prices! Yes, will be careful! Thought of this last night: Casing waistbands won’t roll if you tack them on centre back, and along the side seams. Just a brief line of stitches at right angles (up & down) to the casing seam (the one going round the body). Sorry I didn’t remember that earlier for you. Makes changing elastic much easier. 😉
              Oh! Guess what smelly fabric might do for my version of those pants?! What do you think?! 😇


  4. Oh that bread. I used to love to make bread. Now, I’m celiac and well, bread leaves kind of a sore spot for me. Most gf attempts fail. But, I love the fact that it is indeed peach season. We have been enjoying our homemade peach ice cream a bit too much this season. I love your tote.

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    1. The thought of home-made peach ice cream this early in my day almost has me swooning – YUMMMM!!!!!
      I use a bread machine, and once colder weather arrives might resort to traditional final rising and baking. Meanwhile, I’ll put up with crater-bread. Hang in there with trying out gf recipes as I’m sure there’s one you’ll like. But maybe leave trials for cooler weather… or make more ice cream to compensate?! (Sorry – the devil made me write that!) 😄


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