puttering into coincidence, fabric stashes & joy

anticipating a holiday weekend of sewing

This was supposed to be about receiving fabric for a weekend of three blissful days spent sewing.

Except the fabric didn’t arrive, it rained all weekend, and I hardly sewed anything.

So have been feeling a bit… fraught trying to account for lost time, feeling guilty, but clearly (in hindsight) just needing time to putter.

So I caught up on chores, read blogs and sewing videos. I enjoyed The Fold Line’s Sewing Summer Trends  and tried hard to find something to suit my summer heat & humidity ~ absolutely can’t be doing with anything tight. It was nice to hear what’s doing on the high streets of London.

speaking of hiding – decided to get this duster out and try to remember how i’d meant to piece together a sleeve & front after packing it all away some….. 2 years ago?

Then had to check out Hila, over at Saturday Night Stitch. There were two videos I hadn’t seen. Goody!  It was great fun seeing what she’s up to, and her industrious stash sort-out made me feel curious about what might be hiding out in my own.

Before watching Hila’s video on organising her stash, perhaps I should give a little heads up: Hila’s stash is sooo luscious I get mega fabric envy and want to move to (or order from) N. Yorkshire’s shops. So hide your plastic, Ladies!

(If any of you Lovelies think you have a huge stash, you might be surprised. However, she has FOUR Little People and a Hubs she sews for.)

I also caught up on the blog over at The Confident Stitch (TCS). (No, I didn’t order more fabric!) In fact, reading one by Kate (owner of TCS) on tidying up fabric stashes she mentioned a book. It reminded me that Hila had, too.

Being in procrastination mode, that was enough of an excuse a reason for me to spend time reviewing both and confirming it was the same book: Marie Kondo’s The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. Has anyone else read it?

Now being firmly in exploratory mode after finally putting my unmade heavy winter fabrics back into stash, I grabbed a white plastic sack of fabric I’d bagged up for donating months ago. That’s how I discovered some dark green fabric I’d been hunting for pillow coverings. Duh! What was I thinking when I piled it in there?

It was the ending of Hila’s video that really inspired me, because also in that bag I found a lovely summer cotton sheath I’d totally forgotten. I loved the slightly heavy cotton fabric, but hadn’t gotten it made up into something practical enough to wear in summer heat.

I decided to spent the evening ripping it apart. I’m determined to remake it into something wearable – probably a simple top. I’m also going to take time to enjoy my fabric stash.

As Hila explained about her fabric, “What is this life if we can’t stop and feel the joy in fabric?!”

9 thoughts on “puttering into coincidence, fabric stashes & joy”

  1. I think we are all currently thinking about our own fabric stashes. I know mine is at a horrific level, and like Mme Tialys if I ever have to contemplate a house move I may just cry.
    Enjoy working with your newly rediscovered fabric, and the new arrival.

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  2. A dressmaking fabric clear-out is what I need too. I am more discerning about what I buy these days and don’t buy just the odd metre of stuff which then isn’t much use for anything – it was the patchworker in me that made me do it and this is also why I have too much patterned stuff and not enough plain. However, I still have lots of dressmaking fabric I must have bought with a particular item of clothing in mind at the time but which now escapes me.
    Thinking about it, my fabric stash is a bit like my wardrobe – totally full but I still never seem to have the right thing when I need it.

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    1. Perhaps stashes change and evolve as we learn more about ourselves–likes, dislikes, what looks good, what doesn’t–not to mention being at the mercy of whatever fabrics are available at any given time in shops or online. What do you think?
      Me Made Mays have helped me focus on matching pieces and seeing what’s needed to pull outfits together.
      Then it takes me time to sort it all out, and deal with second, third, fourth thoughts of what might be better.


      1. It’s all so exhausting! 😉
        My daughter has very limited space where she lives so she only buys fabric for a specific project and that’s that. I have a lot of space and have the ability to expand into every corner of it. I dread the day we ever move.

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        1. Trust yourself, Lynn! When or if it is time for you to “down-size,” your thinking will have already adjusted, and you’ll probably end up amazing yourself. xx


  3. Ooh, Hila’s stash makes mine look quite small 🙂 Mine does need organising again though, I like the idea of an annual sort out 🙂
    Hope your fabric turns up soon, it’s frustrating when sewing plans don’t work out!

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    1. Not to worry! The fabric came next postal day – Tuesday. We weren’t certain they’d be able to get it out in time for Saturday delivery – I was just hoping.
      Now it’s laundered & awaiting my pattern testing.


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