oh, dear, summer’s here

And I’m feeling so behind with writing – not to mention sewing! So will just make a start …

Yes, the high humidity 90℉ days have begun to appear with more regularity, and I have but one comment: UGH!

Work progresses slowly on fitting a couple of new patterns, preparatory to using two of the above three fabrics.

The one that’s cut was a small sample of Dutch wax cloth that I bought from Britex. (Treasure those few companies that send free swatches!) I was not impressed and won’t order. I found the photo colours to be quite different, from what I could tell from the relatively tiny swatch versus the HUGE patterns involved.

I’ve started crocheting a throw using James C. Brett yarn, as recommended by my dear  Midlands friend, Samantha. Two huge balls (200g each) arrived very quickly, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Will be ordering more of this from Wool Warehouse!

Whoops – time’s up so better hit that “Publish” button!

Happy Sewing, Lovelies!

6 thoughts on “oh, dear, summer’s here”

  1. Wool Warehouse is brilliant. I’m waiting for my order to arrive (shouldn’t be buying anything but justified this as fillers to enable stash use 😂)

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    1. Yes, I have serious envy for all you who can order from Wool W and have things arrive so quickly & without fear of import fees. Know you’ll enjoy yours when it arrives!

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