Aside from the grand news about the Sewing Bee, it’s been fairly quiet round here, aside from furious crocheting during the news.

(We’re forgetting that little 3-day kitchen drain issue that “allowed” maintenance to buy a new tool. Some people are always glad to need a new tool.)

We had a recent spell of 80’s which didn’t exactly energize me. (Not the February spell, a March-April one.) Too uncomfortable to walk over and shop library shelves, I started re-reading from my meagre supply: the first Hodge book, Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence, M.C. Beaton’s excellent The Skeleton in the Closet, and Miss Read’s Village Diary.

Have also read Tanya Maile’s excellent 2-part tutorial on pattern grading. The first part is for grading up multi-sized patterns. The second is for mostly vintage one-size-only patterns.

anyone remember these?!

I’ve a certain 70’s Very Easy Vogue pattern crawling slowly up the To Do list, now I know Tanya’s second tutorial is the one to use. All-in-all, it doesn’t look too bad a thing to do, I write glibly, never having enlarged a pattern before.

(Further hints, suggestions, cautions, or dark European chocolate gratefully accepted.)

It would have taken a crystal ball to predict what’s happened with that bamboo tee shirt. Would you believe after half a season’s wear it’s pilling inside and out? (Edited to add: The pattern is called bamboo, but there doesn’t appear to be any in the fibre, unless it’s in the 30% rayon that’s been made from bamboo. See Comments for details.)

Seems any friction at all — draping a sweater on top or leaning against a sink — is enough to bring up piles of fluff.

I tried brushing them. Big mistake. That moved even more of the black piles onto the white and vice versa. Unless any of you  Lovely Readers has a magical solution, this is binned bamboo, along with remaining scraps.

Meanwhile somewhere I’ve got a black gauze duster started last summer. It just needs a sleeve,  front facings and a quick hem. . .

decided to play some more with this sleeve & added a cuff, but will remove as me thinks it’s a mite tooo long . . . . .

Hope everyone’s Last April Week is a lovely one.

Happy Sewing ! ! !

8 thoughts on “phew!”

  1. How nice you have all your labels from Vogue. They ran out over here.
    The pilled fabric came from an on-line store owned by amazon & I don’t think I’ll waste any more time on it. Will wear when cleaning!

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  2. I have a label in every Vogue garment I’ve sewn as they came free in the pattern envelope over here – they add a nice touch. How annoying with the fabric pilling! No amazing ideas from me, I’m afraid, other than don’t buy from that store again. Have you shown them what happened? At the very least you might get a voucher to the same value.

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  3. It’s very frustrating when that sort of thing happens – particularly when you are very pleased with what you made (isn’t that always when something goes wrong?) . Sadly we just have to move on and try to remember for next time.
    I don’t remember ever being given a Vogue label despite buying patterns that flagged them up. I think it was a staff conspiracy 😂

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  4. The bamboo-patterned fabric was an on-line purchase from The invoice reads, “Ponte de Roma Bamboo Sticks Abstract Black/Ivory; 65% Polyester/30% Rayon/5% Lycra; $6.98.”

    The solid green I made up about the same time as the black & white reads, “Stretch Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit Camo Green; 95% Rayon from Bamboo/5% Lycra” at $10.98/yd. That appears to be doing well.

    My apologies for the confusion about fabric content vs. description of pattern. I think I’d better amend the post, and then perhaps toddle off for a wee nap. . . 💤


  5. Delighted not to be the only one remembering those labels, and yes, I do remember the American Designer ones – thank you for mentioning!
    Never thought the labels were used elsewhere, but perhaps that was during a time of American designers becoming more widely known & valued.
    I’d have to troll through my notes on purchased fabrics to see what others might have had bamboo fibre, and whether they were solid colours or mixed to know if I’d think twice about having more. Definitely something to consider in future.
    Waking up a bit more (0600 hrs over here!), and reading invoices, has reminded me that although the name of the fabric includes “bamboo,” the fibres weren’t bamboo, unless the 30% rayon came from bamboo (65% polyester & 5% Lycra). I am sorry not to have made that clear in my post, but am glad I woke up enough to catch before going on to Lynn’s comment above yours.


  6. Shame about the bamboo, it would put you off trying that fabric again! I remember those labels, in fact I think I still have a couple hanging around, I think they did an American Designer one too

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