curing the monday blahs

click pic to go to photo on The Rain Shed site. the web site has the true colour – this is a bit dark.

It has been a nasty, gray, rainy Monday so I’ve holed up with my newest find: BBC’s A Stitch in Time and the presenter Amber Butchart.

U.K. Lovelies can view on their iplayer, but ‘usins’ everywhere else must resort to an alternate (youtube).

Having watched the second episode last night (they’re about 28 minutes each) I decided to start at the beginning and not get distracted…

But alas, lunch did it. Plus a growing list of Things To Do that will include a spot of long distance natter and tea with one of my Yorkshire friends. (The Atlantic is a bit of a drawback, but Edison and the internet make it easy.)

So what’s been laying on my sewing/cutting tables seems like forever, whilst my sewing mojo is MIA?

Up top it’s a crazy print from The Rain Shed bought last January & designated for exercise togs. Don’t laugh! My idea is more yogic so the trews will be very loose, and I’m using the renfrew pattern for the top. Again. (I’ll get it right eventually.)

Just to liven things up I got this tissue rayon knit cut last week, using the free Hemlock pattern

from Grainline.

wonderful soft tissue jersey with very subtle colours of navy & dark green

Granted, I’ve had this pattern ‘aging’ and I understand they withdrew then reissued it. This is probably the original. Heigh ho, we’ll give it a go.

Meanwhile, am enjoying these from last week’s mini-Galentine’s Day celebration and hope they brighten your Monday as well!.


11 thoughts on “curing the monday blahs”

  1. I watched the series and enjoyed the content (the sewing team were fabulous), but i wish Amber had been talking directly to camera rather than feeling she was talking to someone just behind me all the time. Slight frustration in what was a good series. Hopefully someone will have brought it to her attention before she does any more presenting.

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    1. Watched the third one today and wanted to grab her blouse – such lovely green leaves all over the fabric.
      Was thinking today that future historians will have a ball reading our blogs to see what we made, how we wore it, and some of the why’s and wherefore’s involved in our thinking and sewing processes.

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  2. Ah! I saw that programme in the Radio Times (t.v. guide) and even read it out to my husband as it sounded really interesting. Then I promptly forgot about it. Must see if I can catch it up – thanks for the reminder.

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