crochet & natter friday

Cathy, over at Nanacathydotcom, does Knit & Natter Fridays, and she also crochets, so I’ll join in with my ickle quandary.

Just last night I was working on this little scarf, using up some stashed yarn left over from a shawl I finished some time ago… Oh, dear, it was July 2009 in Chicago… Better late than never.

I decided not to do a hat, and already have a shawl… a scarf seemed appropriate.

Decided to try some rows of single then double crochet (that’s American for double & treble crochet in U.K.) to see if I liked it. I don’t.

Then I realised I could ask my dear readers whilst tying in with Cathy’s post — goody!

Now what to try instead? I’m not bothered by frogging the whole thing, and think probably one airy stitch might be the best, considering the colour changes.

I say ‘airy’ because upon washing, the shawl did felt up a bit, and it was originally quite airily stitched.

What do you all think? Puh-lease make any suggestions that come to mind as your assistance is so much appreciated!

The yarn is hand painted 50% merino/50% silk “Precious Aida Pastel” bought at slashed end-of-supply sale in my old, now sold, Chicago neighbourhood store.

It does feel yummy. I couldn’t resist it despite including that lavender (?) which I normally never go near.

It’s almost ten in the morning here across the pond, and I’m finishing a cuppa  whilst editing this. Those of you in Blighty must be finishing lunch. I usually read (e)mail at breakfast and only just realise how British that sounds.

Should be off soon on this cloudy and too-warm-for-February Friday. Guess we’re in the season of daily 20-degree temp shifts. Sigh.  Time to pull out summer dresses.   Double sigh.

  ❤  ❤ Happy Weekend Knitting-Sewing-Crocheting, Lovelies!  ❤   ❤


P.S.Looking at this again I may just frog it soon as I’ve got this posted!

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  1. Thank you Sandra! Attic 24’s latest did pass through my thinking, but even that might be too busy. Good idea for the lengthwise instead of crosswise – never done that before.

    Am looking at my great reference book, Maggie Righetti’s “Crocheting in Plain English,” and there appears to be treble treble and double treble both in American. Will have to read again with hook in hand & compare.

    Feeling like another post might follow in a day or two… or at least next Friday! 😀

    Special shout out to Cathy for coming up with the idea for Friday posts, and lovely Sandra & Lynn for such great suggestions.

    Who knew cyber knitting circles could provide such synergy?! MEGA thank you’s to you all! 😘 😍 😘


  2. What a gorgeous colour – there’s lots of that gold/mustard around at the moment. That’s a good idea of Wild Daffodil’s – I’ll be watching to see what you decide!

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  3. You could try any of Attic24’s patterns for blankets and make as a scarf instead – try the Cosy Stripe, or the latest Woodland Ripple, I would do a long length starting row, the length you want the scarf to be, so that you don’t have loads of short rows to work. 😉

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