catching up..and Happy New Year!

This didn’t get published last month, so am putting it here.

Happy New Year, all! I spent it tucked up with Hamish Macbeth, a creation of author M.C. Beaton, and due back at the library.

yes, there IS a santa … er, a lot more of this fabric stashed away

Meanwhile, back in Renfrew land . . . .

I found a nice little stash of leftover bamboo fabric and made a new neck band. Ta-dah!

Although now I’m noticing a crossed eye effect if I look at the pattern across the front for very long.

I left the sleeves extra long so I could roll them up easily when doing dishes, etc. Wound up cutting off those wrist bands when I discovered how long was too long.

Might have enough to make a sleeveless version for summer… will have to decide which way I want those lines to go. On second thought, as this isn’t 4-way stretch, better keep them as is.

Which brings me to another Renfrew that’s just gotten fixed. I discovered the bottom band of my very first orange Renfrew wasn’t cut with the maximum stretch going around the body.  (Me conserving fabric. NOT.)

That lack of stretch made taking it off a pain. So it didn’t get worn. And it was just a tad too short, so it really didn’t get worn.

However, I discovered more of that same fabric too, and effected a fix: I cut off the offending band after cutting a wider one using the stretch of the fabric. In the end, no fabric got saved, but I have another wearable Renfrew. And another good lesson learnt.

click to go back to the 2015 version

Oh, the things we gotta remember whilst trying to be smart. 😳




10 thoughts on “catching up..and Happy New Year!”

  1. How nice to be able to make that gorgeous orange wearable – far too nice to waste in a wardrobe! The bamboo pattern is brilliant. I love the idea that it may make people standing looking at you ‘woozy’ 😂.
    Enjoy your Renfrews.

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    1. Thank you, Kim!
      On second thoughts, I’d rather not be making people ‘woozy’ so will be sure to break up that pattern with long strings of beads, scarves, or jacket overlaps! 😉

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  2. Both great Renfrew versions and, as for the stripy one, the cross eyed effect won’t bother you once you’re wearing it – although you might notice the people around you going a bit ‘woozy’.
    I’ve never read the Hamish Macbeth books but I do remember the series being on T.V. Robert Carlyle was so cute in it – I was upset when I saw him as Rumpelstitskin in another series recently as he was made up to look hideous – plus he didn’t have a dog 😉

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    1. Didn’t see any of the telly and suggest you take a dip into the books, if you enjoy reading. There are dogs in them all, from Towser to Lugs. 😉 Hope you’re doing well with your fast this month.


    1. Don’t have to press it as its a knit. Thank goodness! Actually, the pattern is bamboo, but its not visible at any distance. Never noticed until this photo!


    1. Thanks! As with your make last year, finding a fix for the orange has been a weight off my winter wardrobe, and just in time for this Arctic air. Love it, but wish housing down here had built for it.


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