can you guess?

a long-sleeved renfrew that somehow escaped from the sewing table last january and was found lounging amongst the ufo’s

D’you see what’s gone majorly wrong here?

Don’t remember doing this, so it musta happened in the almost-year it’s been “resting,” right??

Seems somehow the neck band didn’t quite get cut out properly…

Uh-oh-h-h  . . .

ickle trees in an ickly sled

Time for a rummage in the scrap drawer. Or maybe a substitution.

More anon. 😉



6 thoughts on “can you guess?”

    1. Good suggestion! Might have done, whilst on the fold, resulting in too much cut off… but why did I then cut it in half lengthwise?! That’s the one I can’t figure out!


        1. Got the wrong pattern piece!
          Didn’t I see & like a recent post of yours which I cannot now locate?
          Agree that collar is superfluous, and you might consider the wrist frills, as here’s a lotta gathers elsewhere!
          Happy Christmas!


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