borrowed cats

Yes, all my cats are borrowed. Less cat hair on the fabric, no shredded pattern pieces (why do they love that?), litter boxes or smelly fish tins.

But also no soft furry critter to welcome you home, curl up by your feet on stormy nights, or nestle in your lap when you need a cuddle.

Pluses and minuses.

ad hoc noodles: bits of jacob’s cream crackers

Ah, well. That bowl of chicken soup was all mine the other day, as were the grapes and

homemade bread.

Because fall’s nipping the air somewhere the bread machine got cranked up last weekend.

It makes a weird-looking loaf, so will try to remember to take a photo of some toast.

My big surprise has been sitting down to learn that granny squares aren’t too diffy after all. Not planning no blankets, mind you. But it made a change from all the cuppa mats I’m still churning out.

not too bad, but it got ripped anyway, for a smaller hook & more practice

Although officially Autumn since last week we’re still

feelin’ eighties but the last couple of days the sun’s started setting earlier. A comforting sign.

I got out one of my favourite table toppers, made a quick cuppa, and enjoyed a read through a Corinna Chapman book.

She’s (they’re?) cat people, too.

[long pause to make a cuppa & grab the book …]

“The Mouse Police slunk to my feet and gave me that look which cats reserve for moments when they are finding the human world unbelievably trying and are about to call their union.” Devil’s Food, Kerry Greenwood, p. 2.

“Horatio emerged … He sat down in the kitchen, paws folded, tail carefully disposed, the picture of a cat who has been far too deeply asleep to come to the aid of his human, even though no one expects cats to do that stuff anyway …” Ibid. p. 4.

Come to think of it, as Corinna’s a baker of bread extraordinaire, she might have had something to do with my loaf …

the final word is, of course, from His Good Self:
Here’s messin’ with you, kid…

The latest news on Hodge is he’s outta work and busy with a third book and probably booking appearances in … France? He’s guested in a book that’s gone global…

Keith decided to retire, and is soon to go up UP (pronounced “you-pe,” the upper peninsula of Michigan) to view what should be stunning foliage. Camera hopefully in tow!

8 thoughts on “borrowed cats”

  1. Borrowed cats, hmm, sounds like the best of both worlds to me. We used to have cats years ago, but are dog people now. Non-shedding, non furniture-scratching, dog owners! Still can’t resist stroking a cat when I come across one, though:)

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  2. My cats are all borrowed ones now. I have had two cats in my time. One was a real house cat and mother to all the family, oh the tears and broken dreams of a human kind she coped with. The other lady was a different kettle of fish, a Ms and an outside cat and no messing with her! I wouldn’t have another cat, I got fed up of the way they walk just wherever they fancy they will! Good luck with the bread, yes the bread makers make weird shaped bread and the crochet.

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    1. Thank you, Cathy!
      Yes, cats do seem to have minds & personalities of their own. I’ve heard they’re trainable, but have yet to hear how. Guess there are cat whisperers somewhere.


  3. That is a beautiful cat. My six (I know, I know) are not allowed upstairs into my workroom, they eat dry food and go outside to do their ‘business’ so I don’t have those minuses but there are plenty of others to make up for those.
    It looks like Hodge is trying to make a bed for himself on those shelves and the books are in the way.
    Have you tried getting the dough out of the machine when it’s been mixed etc., shaping it yourself, letting it prove again and then putting it in the oven? I started doing that when I discovered the loaf looked a bit of an uninspiring shape at the end of the whole programme.

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    1. Would love to be able to bake my own bread as you describe, but several factors kinda put me off, the first being contemplating an hour’s oven heat when the air con is already working overtime. Doesn’t make for a comfortable small abode. And then there are the counter tops… more on those another time. (eyes rolling)
      Hadn’t actually counted your cats. A half dozen does seem a round number. So to speak. Good job you’ve a separate workroom.
      Agree with you about Hodge trying to clear his own space.


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