catching up

perfectly suited for a joint reading spree!

Summ-ah heat has arrived, and luckily I had a grand solution to hand:


When the hottest day started I dove into the coolest room ~ luckily, the bedroom ~ and cracked open a new-to-me author. Gerald Durrell.

It’s the only Durrell available from this (insert your invective of choice) county library, and it wasn’t listed the last time I’d looked. Its a Penguin edition, so I was doubly pleased to have it.

What can I say . . . It was the perfect antidote for hot weather. Although A Zoo in My Luggage is about collecting animals in a hot jungle it was delightfully minus the heat and long on charming, light-hearted descriptions of hilarious high-jinks by four- and two-footed creatures.

The perfect opposite to Ann Cleeves’ latest in her Shetland series, Cold Earth. Reading brief descriptions of wet and cold were also a perfect solution for the heat wave.

On Friday I only put one book down long enough to pick up the other with one hand, and a cold glass in the other.

Now I’m attempting to line up more from both authors before the next heat wave hits.

Lest I forget, I read bad news about my much-loved rayon fabrics recently, and thought I’d pass along some things originally from Lizzie Bramlett’s The Vintage Traveler blog. This and this detail the pollution some factories product whilst making rayon. Thank you, Lizzie.

On a brighter note, another favoured blogger, Linda Przybyszewski’s blog, The Lost Art of Dress, included this and this about hats.

Do take a look if you’re at all interested in chapeaux, or women who purchase hat factories. 😉

Now, as The Fon of Bafut might have blogged,

My good friend[s],

… I am glad you have arrived once more to [the end of my post]. I welcome you. When you are calm from your journeys come and see me [again].  p. 64, A Zoo in My Luggage, Gerald Durrell

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  1. Well, I am not familiar with Gerald Durrell at all. Looks like I need to remedy that; A Zoo in My Luggage looks intriguing.. Library, here I come! Hope you’ve had a bit of respite from the heat? We have a nice (albeit a bit muggy) day here today.

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  2. I think I must have read ‘My Family and Other Animals’ years ago but I’m a great one for not remembering books (or films) in great detail once I’ve read or watched them. With films it’s because I quite often fall asleep before they’re finished – I blame the wine – but with books I don’t know. There are exceptions of course – the ones that really make an impression on me or the ones I studied for exams but, in the main, I usually remember whether I’ve read a book or not and whether I liked it or not and that’ll have to do. My husband, on the other hand, remembers everything and I know he loved the Gerald Durrell books and read them all when he was a lad.

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    1. Have a very similar thing for remembering books, particularly if they’re part of a series or have been on telly, where they often are rewritten into stories quite different from the original books. Not being a wine enthusiast I can only admire those who remember everything.


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