speaking of screens . . . 🐝

former view as seen through screening

Oh. . . we weren’t, were we? Sorry.

It’s creepy & flying crawlies season over here, and they do like nibbling on me, so am quite grateful for screens.

Now all I need is a pattern for a full-body enclosure. Any suggestions, Lovely Readers?

Catching you up, I took a little time off to change views out my windows. Somehow the industrial air conditioner rows just weren’t doing it for me . , ,

new view as seen through screening

So am taking a bit of a gamble, and thus far enjoying green living things outside my windows facing north, thank you for the added (and much cooler) bonus.

Things are moving into place again, and I just scrubbed the sewing table in readiness for setting up my machine.

But first, wanted to share a patriotic bit from Marcy Tilton’s blog about an upholsterer named Betsy Ross.

Yes, that Betsy Ross.

I read all the additional links Ms. Tilton included, and was impressed with this thrice-married businesswoman, and  learned a method for cutting perfect 5-pointed stars.

There you are . . .

Now, as lovely friend Jen says, “let the sewing begin!”

5 thoughts on “speaking of screens . . . 🐝”

  1. sounds like you need a jumpsuit Del to keep away those nasty bugs that will bite you! Do you have those wrist bands that you can wear to keep the little blighters away? xx

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  2. Thank you! Had you known about her association with the U.S. flag? I don’t know of any British or French or Canadian or German or any other equivalent.
    Best wishes with your armchair! Hope we’ll see some of it as you go along.


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