working that ufo pile…

red shorts from the outside – centre back casing remains open a bit (top centre) for any changes to the elastic during wear testing

The pile is getting smaller!

This time I got out some wonderful rayon/viscose summer sleep shorts I’d cut out earlier in the year.

Had enough fabric to experiment by cutting them on the bias. Used TNT Butterick 5432.

But sewing is completed and they’re in the wash now.

On the inside: I sewed using regular machine with red thread, then serged the seams using white thread. Used rayon bias tape for sewn hem.

This rayon has been in stash for a few years and originated from one of the Chicago stores, but not Vogue… I don’t think… really don’t recall!

Just know that it is wonderfully cool and silky and just right for this horrid summer humidity!

not bad ~ but maybe i won’t wear these inside out! 😉

6 thoughts on “working that ufo pile…”

  1. Thank you, Lovely! Am so glad to see you online and read you’re getting all left-fingered and writing. So glad to know your new thumb is already looking good! More later ~ take care! xxxxx

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  2. Lol! Your mother has quite a storehouse of superstitions! Am getting quite an education, as I don’t remember any of these. Thank you!
    Yes, in general I prefer things loose, which is why I’ve yet to make or wear tight trousers or leggings. Also, they aren’t a good proportion for my stature -challenged torso. Besides being d#*!ed uncomfortable! 😳


  3. Sleep shorts are a good idea because, when I’ve bought RTW ones, they are usually too short and/or tight which isn’t very comfy. I could buy the next size up but then they’d be too loose and baggy. There’s no pleasing some people I suppose 😉
    Another superstition for you. If you put your knickers on in the morning inside out you have to leave them like that because to turn them out the right way and put them back on is unlucky. This is according to my mother (again!) and, although the inside of your shorts looks fine, best not wear them like that in case the same thing applies.

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