setting a sleeve & other stuff

Managed an update over the weekend, and a save – not bad! (click a pic for all the details)

What’s on the table just now? What’s not is my denim hat. Remember the hat? It’s on hold, awaiting horsehair braid . . . (no, it’s not real horsehair).

denim hat on the corner, waiting . . .
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The machine’s currently threaded for a new duster, using handkerchief linen from stash.

(Pattern? Good question. One of the Big Four and very basic: front, back, sleeve, front & neck facings. From California days and I didn’t save it. I had one cut out and made a  pattern from those pieces.)

Since linen ravels so badly this had to have french seams, which means double the work.

Not satisfied with that, I decided to add a bit of shoulder seam detail. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge . . . 😄

Then there was that one sleeve that had to be pieced to fit the limited fabric…

So its slow sewing this week, and lots and lots and lots of ironing between seaming and seaming and seaming.

Remind me not to do french seams on a fabric that has no right or wrong side. . .

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13 thoughts on “setting a sleeve & other stuff”

  1. There’s a lot of work going on with those french seams but it will make your garment last forever! Gorgeous colour by the way! x (I’m having a catchup before I head out to play golf)

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  2. French seams! I’m wanting to try some, but a teeny bit nervous about starting. So anxious to see the finished linen duster, I just know it’s going to be gorgeous!

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      1. Trousers are coming so slowly. Can’t seem to find time to get in do them. grrrr. And for someone who feels so unproductive at the moment, it always seems busy around here. (Lots errands and dr appts I suppose) Preparing for next knee replacement on the 7th.

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        1. The people & animals you’re feeding 3 meals to every day wouldn’t say you’re not productive! However, there are other adults also capable of feeding themselves, so you might try disappearing sometimes… so they can keep up their skills. 😉 Thanks again for your message – so glad Mr. Bread Baker is functioning again!

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          1. Haha! Mr. BB cooks more than I do lately…and oh no, can’t trust mom in the kitchen anymore sadly. But yes, my charges of all species do appreciate the attention, no doubt. 😉 And yes, I do need to get out more! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Robyn! Yes, knew it was the right thing to do, particularly with translucent fabric. Alas, not one of my favourite techniques, but am getting slightly better as I go along. 😳

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