this ‘n that

Have been trying to finish up a batch huge pile of UFOs (unfinished objects) which includes things cut out but not sewn.

Have had some success, and was wear-testing the last one today. Not that the pile is gone, mind you.

Click a pic below so you can read the texts. And onward to the next one . . .


12 thoughts on “this ‘n that”

    1. Oh, my goodness – another Agatha fan? Yeah!
      Yes! The UK did a year’s series of episodes (2014) that sadly wasn’t renewed for a second season. If you’ve got Netflix or itunes you can probably watch them. I enjoy them so much I bought a set.
      Be advised that they updated the characters a bit – but I found the differences quite charming, whilst continuing to enjoy the original as each book appears. Good luck – let me know what you think!


      1. I shall have to hunt them out. I love the audio book versions which are narrated by Penelope Keith. She’s really good as Aggie! But I’d love to see Roy acted on screen, he’s so funny in the books!

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        1. Great minds! Was listening to a Penelope Keith reading just last night, wondering if you knew about them & her!
          Mooch around on Youtube for “Agatha Raisin.” 😉


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