off topic: reducing photo file size for online use

is this a big file or a little file? compare them!
is this a big file or a little file? compare them!

Perhaps because yours truly started with the old Apple iWeb in ’08, before progressing to WordPress blogging, I discovered early on there’s a little program called iPhoto that comes pre-loaded on Macs.

Its less technical than Photoshop, so a quick and easy way to alter photos before publishing on whatever platform you use. And it sits on your platform, not someone else’s (under someone else’s idea of “security” 😉).


One of the handy-dandy things it can do is reduce the size of your photo file. I went hunting for this because I was a mite concerned about on-line photo theft. Yep. Even way back then.

Smaller photo size means photo quality is also reduced. Not a good thing if you want to print an enlargement, or to re-use a stolen pic in huge highway signage (it’s happened!).

  • Smaller file size = Fewer potential thefts/mis-use.
  • Smaller file size = Doesn’t bulk up your online storage (i.e., your WordPress Library).

My current WordPress Library capacity = 8%. That’s eight.
Notice any quality issues with my photos? There’s a tiny test up top for you!

I discovered, and continue to use, an easy method for decreasing MB photo files into under 100 KB photo files that look just as nice on-line. And yes, all the huge files of photos are stored off- and/or on-line, depending on age & whether or not I choose to archive them.

[Sorry I can’t recommend a free programme for non-Mac users, but betcha some Lovely Readers can . . . please enlighten us in the Comments – THANK YOU!]

iPhoto basic: get ‘em in, reduce ‘em, get ‘em out
add photos: Either download directly from your camera or use this command string:

File/Import to Library/pop-up screen to choose which & where files to Import are located/click Import.

[In iPhoto there are organisational choices for how you want to organise your photos. Personally, I organise using Events, which I label by years. There are also options for location & facial recognition, which I don’t use.]

export smaller file photos: Click on photo(s) to download, then use this command string:     File/Export/window pops up & I use JPG/Medium/Medium Size/Use filename/ click Export/window pops up asking for where you want photos to go/click OK.

And that’s how I don’t fill up my online WordPress Library.

Hope it all makes sense, Lovelies, and you soon have all worries behind you!

Please ask questions or provide answers below. And don’t forget to give a guess as to which of the photos is the larger file!

18 thoughts on “off topic: reducing photo file size for online use”

  1. The big file is the bottom one. I use Android and PC. There are a number of free resources. On the PC though I’m currently using Photoshop Elements which is way too much for my needs. Like others have said, I’m using my phone more often.

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  2. I can’t tell the difference between your photos at all but I am using my phone and not my laptop. I decrease my photo size using Paint – when I remember!

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    1. You could also adjust your camera to take smaller file shots. Not something to do if you take a lot of photos for enlargement tho’. (At least not for me as I’d forget to readjust the file size!)

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    1. You are so welcome, Linda. Please let me know if you’ve questions. Can’t guarantee to have answers, but someone will… It’s a problem we all have to consider because our blogs rely on photos.

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  3. Good tips here – I use iPhoto all the time and I have used just 13% of my storage. I do remember loading up some photos from a PC that I edited with Paint.NET which is free. It’s a drawing program really, but it can re-size photos.

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