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Guess what made it down from Chicago yesterday? My millinery wire from Vogue Fabrics!  In case anyone’s thinking of ordering from them below are a few photos.

There’s a live person at Vogue’s 800 number (800.433.4313; check their hours), just remember they’re on Central time.  Nobody’s perfect, but they’ve done very well for me over the years… a decade!  When I lived  downtown and hadn’t time to get up to their main store I’d mail order. (Got a 6 ft tube of lining once, and the mail room couldn’t imagine what was in it!  😄)

(No, they’re not involved with Vogue patterns or magazines, and I’m not getting anything for telling my experiences with them.)

world book day

Wonder of wonders ~ we just had a cool, weekend.  ☔️☁️ 🌂  I decided to take Saturday  off and just read a book. All day.  Then I discovered Sunday was UNESCO’s World Book Day.

Sunday I decided to get stuck into sample chapters from Scott’s Furrowed Middlebrow books, published by Dean Street Press.  That’s when Winifred Peck’s Bewildering Cares ensnared me.


I became so intrigued with her good writing that I decided to take a break and look at her other books. Then decided to download samples from her two mysteries, Arrest the Bishop? and The Warrielaw Jewel. You know, whilst I was there . . . 😇

Well, I’d interrupted Bewildering so might just as well take a look at the Bishop? sample just because. And now I’m half way through. 😳

ode to reading, a cuppa, and a rainy day!


6 thoughts on “books & notions”

  1. Oh I do so know what you mean! That’s why it was such an unusual thing for me to do.
    Even sewing is brought into the “unproductive activity” list, from my experiences.
    Are we so conditioned that we must be doing something “useful” all the time?
    Horrifying thought . . . which might coincide with the concept that making art in any form isn’t useful and needful for both consumers’ and producers’ souls…


  2. Splendid thoughts!
    BTW, must thank you for your writing about Carola Dunn’s books, which I’m enjoying, particularly the Cornish series.


  3. I don’t know why but reading during the day makes me feel so guilty. I can disappear into my workroom and sew for hours on end, I can crochet and knit for ages but I usually save reading for just before sleep or, when it’s a lovely day, taking a book outside with my lunch to get a couple of chapters under my belt. ‘Just’ reading is something I do when I’m on holiday. Why is that do you think? Is it because there’s no tangible result?

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