bits & bobs & yet another weather whine

After over a week of 80’s we’re finally having a couple of cooler days with perhaps a bit of light rain. Then the 80’s return with vengeance. Would not be surprised if Friday goes to 90. Thank goodness for rayon, linen, and air conditioning.

On a more seasonal note, but perhaps even more inscrutable, was this bit from Hazel Holt’s Lilies That Fester, being re-read for the umpteenth time:

“Jonah was out to a ferocious yorker and the next man gave an easy catch to first slip… [Gordon Masefield, murdered later in the book but not over cricket] prodded the pitch with his bat and faced up to the bowling…selfishly determined to keep the batting, taking a single at the end of an over when there were two perfectly good runs there…”

All I know about cricket is sometimes people sit in lounge chairs, tea is available, and it lasts all day.

Still procrastinating and haven’t ordered any wiring or trim for that hat brim. Maybe today. Got a bit stuck into a re-do of a floor length black linen & cotton shift yesterday, whacking off enough for a skirt and contemplating the remainder as a possible top.

As the original had been ankle-length, the shortened skirt’s centre front slit came to above mid-thigh. ACK! But it was an easy fix, despite being black. After a nose-to-fabric bit getting the hem undone, the rest came out fairly quickly by pulling loose  threads. Still, that was it for the day.

No. I forgot the rayon lounging trews, also black (with little red rosebuds).

Don’t remember when I cut them out nor serged the edges, but have sewed them up and yesterday sewed a small casing for skinny elastic. Except the skinny elastic wouldn’t fit through the bits where the seams were because the tunnel was too narrow just over those seams.

And I’d nicely opened out the seams, too, to eliminate bulk.  MEH!!  😢

So out came the seam ribber (again) and more nose-to-fabric ripping. Maybe I’ll try a ribbon instead of elastic. Or maybe a combo of ribbon & elastic.

And I keep forgetting to ask everyone for their thoughts on washing machines.

My previous machine wasn’t allowing hot or warm water so management replaced it with the same properly working model.

I played with the nobs to get my white sheets washed in hot water with two – TWO! – rinses & couldn’t believe the difference. Promptly washed all towels, too. (All are 100% cotton.)

I know we’re supposed to be conserving energy and resources, but please don’t make me wash and rinse in 6 inches of water and call that clean, high-efficiency, and energy star.

If washer police put me away please send fabric.. .

…and a good lawyer/solicitor!

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  1. Doesn’t sound like fun at all – the washing machine is the one item that I could positively NOT live without (think boys and muddy football kit). Hope this little saga never repeats itself:)

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  2. I’m probably in trouble with the Quilt Police so if the Washer Police put you away we might be in adjacent cells and could talk fabric, threads and yarn to our hearts’ content through a missing brick in the wall. At risk of also upsetting the Cricket Police, my thoughts on cricket are similar to yours although, if I had sons instead of daughters and they had played sport, I would choose cricket over football as you at least get some sort of roof and walls and refreshments provided whilst watching the seemingly endless, complicated , slow goings on. You could catch up on any number of projects, clapping occasionally and making appreciative noises.

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    1. Oh, you are sooo right about cricket over footie! I almost included a mention of it, but decided I’d probably angered enough sporting peeps. American footie is ridiculous with all the time outs, endless replays, etc. I’ve been blissfully footie (and himself) free since mister ex took the huff decades ago.
      OH. 😮 Is that what a cricket pavilion is – walls and a roof ~ even more comfort!
      Definitely keen on adjoining cells. If we should “arrange” to be caught which country would you suggest? As I don’t know your areas, and as there’s no cricket over here to speak of, I bow to your expertise.


      1. I don’t actually mind watching football (the kind you call soccer) on telly if needs be, and even went to actual matches in my youth,but I wouldn’t want to have been a football Mum and stand around on the edge of cold, rainy pitches. It suited me better to have daughters and sit in warm halls where they did ballet classes.
        As for prison, I’m not sure as my knowledge of the U.S. ones comes from the series ‘Orange is the New Black’ 😉 As long as it’s not Turkey.

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        1. Having thought OITNB a fashion statement, would def not suggest we try it, however much I may like orange. (But NOT horizontal stripes on my figure.) Perhaps one of the scan countries, with enlightened thinking…


    1. THANK YOU!
      (We’re always told use cold water.)
      I didn’t discover I hadn’t anything else until the machine unbalanced itself several times and I rebalanced the soaking wet items. They were cold, never warm or hot.


  3. My bet is the hot water tap to the machine was closed. That would explain why you were getting only six inches of cold water. Sounds like you’ve been hard at work sewing. We’re stuck in winter out here. I can’t believe it. How about we trade weather?

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    1. You’re so good, Lovely One! That was one of the things they tested before they determined it was the machine itself that wasn’t allowing any hot water.
      As for the 6″ of water, the owner’s manual says:
      Under Troubleshooting Tips: “Water level seems low? This is normal – Water may not cover the top level of the clothes. This is normal for this high-efficiency washer.”
      Note: This is a high efficiency washing machine with Infusor ™ wash action. This system requires less water while providing effective cleaning action. You may notice that the water level is lower than on your previous washer. This is normal for an Infusor ™ equipped washer.”
      (Personally, I think it’s a marketing ploy.)
      You’re stuck in winter and we never had any. I’ll trade any day!


      1. I’ve never heard of this kind of washing machine. I suppose it’s got a computer inside, which will make it crash from time to time?? Good luck with it 🙂 Re: the weather, I’ll trade any day too.

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