happy spring!

1″ creme & brown rayon petersham ribbons

The Petersham ribbon arrived Friday. It’s rayon and feels lovely – thank you to Chicago’s Vogue Fabrics!

(What petersham ribbon? I hear you ask… See previous post…)

Vogue has a variety of colours and widths, as the link above should indicate.

There’s also Britex in San Francisco (more choices). Now to sit down and sew & steam mine into place…

Got into warm weather hat making earlier in the solid week of 80’s, as I’ve been wanting a denim hat for years.

folkwear’s metropolitan hat is only 3 pieces & a snip to sew up! https://www.folkwear.com/products/269-metropolitan-hat

Using the never-ending denim (also used for that Morris blazer) it’s been sitting on the sewing table for a bit. Not saying how long a bit. 😳 But it finally came to the head of a pile one night and got mostly sewed up.

Then I discovered I really reeeally wanted some wire for the brim. And something to cover up the wire and finish off the brim nicely. Guess where I discovered just the thing. . . Yep. Vogue Fabrics, with the Petersham already in the post.

And all sewn to procrastinate on starting to fit & cut out a new pattern.

Don’cha just love  excuses.

😄  Happy Weekend, Lovelies! 🐇

hope everyone on both sides o’ the equator has a lovely weekend

12 thoughts on “happy spring!”

  1. Your hat would look fab with your matching morris, are you going to put the rosette on the front (I had a peek at the pattern).
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you too xx

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  2. Procrastination is my middle name when it comes to cutting out! I’ve made a few hats in my time, so look forward to seeing how you get on with yours. Denim should be good.

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    1. Thanks, Sheila. And its stretchy denim, which makes fitting those circles much easier. Still have to clip around curves quite a bit, but then it all works ok. So glad to know I’m not the only procrastinator!

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  3. Hat making – now that’s something I’ve never attempted (apart from knitted ones of course) – looking forward to seeing the finished titfer (cockney rhyming slang) and a happy spring break to you too.

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  4. Yes, hope you post a pic of the final product. I just read your post about the denim grainline — did you ever get that finished? How did you fasten down the facings?

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    1. Yes, finished & enjoyed wearing the Morris last year. Too hot to wear it this year. The pattern calls for sewing down the bottom facing on the jacket, and the back of the neck and that seems to be all I needed.


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