an odd assortment

at least/at last got this scarf hemmed & washed

With all that’s going on in the world, I sometimes wonder. . .

Am I the only one feeling slightly … um… er… dis………engaged?

Nevertheless, managed to get the cutting table cleared off. Mostly. Which, as we all know, is not a minor feat.

Hila at Saturday Night Stitch had a great post about the difference between Petersham and grosgrain ribbon.

It reminded me of a skirt that’s been hanging for a couple of years awaiting it’s grosgrain ribbon waist band, which I’d managed to locate last year. So what’s been the hold up?

Was it sheer laziness on my part? After reading Hila’s post, I checked the pattern (Vogue 8750) and my posts. 😳

Then I saw an article in Threads magazine (not online), but I had a copy.

Vogue got it wrong. They clearly state grosgrain, and it should be Petersham ribbon.

I’m considering it intuition.


(a.k.a. luck – hehe!)


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  1. Thank you for the chuckles! I feel better about my cutting table now. And I’m glad to know about the Friday haircut thing. It could explain some less than ideal hair decisions in my pst. I know a lady who swears by Petersham for finishing waistlines. The advantage, I think she said, is that you can curve it with your iron so the fit is better. Is that right?

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    1. Sorry not to get back to you sooner, but have been trying to get that waistband sewn & blogged. However, at the rate I’m (not) going, better to answer now!
      Yes, you are correct! Petersham will curve when ironed with a steam iron. Pin one edge to the fabric where you’re going to sew it down and iron gently to flatted and curve the opposite side of the ribbon so that it matches the curve of the skirt.


  2. Hi Del, catching up with a few posts….my cutting table will not be on public display for a while, it is doing double (triple?) duty at the moment. You sent me a length of ribbon, was it Petersham? (it is currently hiding from me somewhere in the vicinity of the cutting table, but I’ll find it and check the edge) My mother is addicted to the news….would watch it all day if one of us doesn’t change the channel or turn set off in despair. I have to tune it out. Depressing. Angering. etc…..

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    1. Oh, do so agree with your last comments. Am having to really restrict my “intake” also. A glance at headlines & reading the trailers whilst awaiting the local weather forecast is about all I can do just now. . . Well, you know the only reason why that cutting table was briefly uncovered! And said new pattern hasn’t budged a bit since carefully placing it there, still folded in huge halves. 😦 ACK!

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    2. Forgot to answer your question:
      Don’t think what I sent was petersham as I didn’t have any then… but might be wrong as I don’t quite remember what I sent . . . . . 😳 Sorry!

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  3. I hope they aren’t new shoes on the table – my mother would have a fit!! You’ll be telling me you bring lilac blossom into the house next or have your hair cut on a Friday.

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    1. 😳 Oh, dear, translations needed for new shoes (they aren’t) and lilacs (can’t stand the smell!) and Friday hair cuts (book a quiet day like Monday).


  4. That could have been my cutting table! I read Hila’s post too. It was very interesting though i have yet to sew with either Petersham or grosgrain. Are you going to finish your skirt now? 😉

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  5. Yes Petersham, which I don’t always use because it’s hard to find here, but it gives a nice finish. It’s so nice to actually see the surface of the cutting table isn’t it.

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