unseasonable weather wardrobe?

NewLook 6871
NewLook 6871

“Winter” made a brief visit last weekend, and might show up again this coming weekend as we put the clocks forward.

Meanwhile this week’s forecasted temps are an infrequent constancy of low 70’s.

How do you select a wardrobe for weather that jumps from the 30’s to the 80’s each week?   For me, a bit of everything seems to be the only solution.

Is there a couldn’t-live-without garment? Yes, but it might surprise you.

It’s NewLook 6871 pattern gifted by Ali with the top lengthened to mid-thigh, and made with lovely blue embroidered cotton from Anne.

It gets washed and worn multiple times each week, which is more than I can say for anything else at the moment.

Huge Thank You’s to you both for my favourite and most comfortable lounge & sleep wear!

❤     ❤     ❤

Saw something different in the library last week and brought it home for a look through. They caught my eye for several reasons – crochet is not emphasized amongst all the knitting volumes, and proper sized models are used. Given our temps, nothing appealed, but will try to keep these in mind, just in case.

Have since looked at Ohrenstein’s other 2 books and can say the second has some of the patterns given in this third book.

camellias have been in full bloom since february!

Plants are going crazy with this weather. Talked to men doing landscaping around this complex just yesterday…

All their winter plantings (pansies & white kale) have died and been replaced speedily with spring because it’s been so hot. (As in had to turn on the AC.)

All for now, Lovelies! Hope it’s steady weather wherever you are, and you’re able to enjoy good sewing!


12 thoughts on “unseasonable weather wardrobe?”

  1. And I thought we had changeable weather! Whilst we’re still wearing our winter clothes it won’t be long before we change our wardrobe for Spring.

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  2. We’ve got the same problem, but in reverse over here. Layers all the way but you have to keep track of them: I’m forever having to retrace my footsteps at school to retrieve a (temporarily) lost cardigan, scarf or jacket…

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  3. The seasons have really mingled together these past few months. I usually put my summer clothes in storage for the winter and vice versa but have found that I need to keep some of each available at all times.

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    1. I generally store out-of-season clothes, too, but now have to keep some of both out. Weird. And it’s really confused the heck outta my sewing plans.


  4. So glad you’re loving your top, it funny how some clothes just don’t make it to the ‘been worn a lot’ dept and other things do. I had a pleasant day yesterday at golf, we were up to 7 degrees C with sunshine! 😎

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    1. With all the decorating you’ve been doing, seems like you’d work up a lot of heat. Will be grand when you’ve got all new paint & wallpaper done!


  5. That’s so funny! I have been thinking the same thing about figuring out what to wear and the weather! I made this really thick cozy sweater when it was cold and it has been warm and sunny ever since, of course!

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