:-( ask me about that fridge . . .

elevensies: McVitie's digestives, sharp cheese & a tea
elevensies: McVitie’s digestives, sharp cheese & tea

This post isn’t about sewing, but it’s still important.

Sometime last week, after spending an  afternoon running errands, doing a big grocery shop, and working all evening, my refrigerator died.

I discovered it the next day.

After tossing out everything in the freezer and most of what was in the refrigerator I decided to find out what I could/should have saved.

Turns out I did pretty well, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s guidelines.

Avoiding a meltdown: If your model is suddenly freezing your fridge instead of refrigerating it, get it checked right away. It can be a sign that something’s already gone wrong.

Because we’re all apt to experience some sort of electrical (and therefore food storage) problem at some point, thought I‘d share.

After all, if we’re starving we don’t sew well.

(My apologies for everything being in℉ rather than ℃ .)


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  1. I believe its law over here that before disposing of a fridge the door must be removed, thus preventing anyone getting accidentally shut inside…


  2. Yeah built in thermometers would be a good idea. Or some kind of indicator if the temp had gone above a certain threshold for a specific length of time.
    The problem with fridges that are not being used to cool is that they seal. I think if you wanted to us it for something else you would have to remove the seal entirely to allow some air flow.

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  3. Thank you! Bad seal? Seems they used to be able to replace seals over here. Don’t know if that’s still an option on newer models. It should be.
    Love your idea of built-in thermometers!


  4. Some very useful information there. I don’t know why they can’t put thermometers in fridges as standard issue. I have been having a problem with my fridge for ages – the door seal isn’t as functional as it should be – but it’s so beautiful I don’t want to get rid of it. I’ve been searching for uses for old fridges on Pinterest, maybe to make a cupboard out of it or something.

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