can’t imagine why…

… but about 10 days ago I started replaying my box set of BBC’s The Good Life (1975-1978), aka Good Neighbours.

It’s still as delightful as it was when I first saw it (the 90’s), plus the fashions and hair-do’s Margo (Penelope Keith) wears are classic 1970’s. It’s been fun crocheting and pausing to watch, and a much needed respite.

What I haven’t mastered is sewing and telly. But when sewing came up in one of the episodes, I took a screen pic to show that altering was commonplace then, even for Margo Leadbetter.

Also had to include one of her Jungle January outfits – a glorious caftan that must have been silk because it swished so beautifully.

That mysterious blue crochet became a hat that got finished, along with another beanie-style. (Directions are here.)  It had to be a beanie because I ran out of the blue, and used some cream to complete. Both are on their way across the pond and might be worn for the March NHS event, provided they fit.

Hope everyone has a grand week!


14 thoughts on “can’t imagine why…”

  1. Ahh….. that was an excellent series.
    I’ve never thought about watching T.V. whilst sewing and I’m too new at crochet to take my eyes off even for a second but I can and do knit if it’s not too complicated a pattern.

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    1. Really more listening than watching. 😉 I do admire anyone who knits, let alone without looking! My crochet isn’t in that league by a long chalk!


  2. I used to love The Good Life, too, only in the actual Seventies – do these programmes take ages to make it across the pond? Life seems to have come full circle because its the same lifestyle that people aspire to now. Love that the coasters have multiplied – crochet certainly is one addictive hobby!

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    1. Guess it took about 20 years for the import/export to begin, but it’s almost immediate now with things like Sherlock and Masterpiece Theatre. Even now there are particular parts of this country that do not (will not? cannot financially?) schedule anything but the tippy top of the British imports, mind you, as each local public broadcasting station is under local controls.

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        1. The networks and cable stations are generally nationally programmed. The public broadcasting stations, which are the free-to-everyone stations & supposed to be educational & cultural, are locally owned/controlled non-profits.
          In the state of North Carolina the public broadcasting channel is state-wide and controlled by the state university system, appointed by state government.
          In Northern Virginia, the local PBS is governed by a board that’s more independent. It the first PBS station, and is a leader in produceing programming picked up by stations across the country. They produce PBS Newshour & Globe Trecker, and have an entire channel of all-U.K. programming.
          Once our telly people realized Americans adored your programming, the flow started and has steadily increased.

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          1. Blimey, that’s complicated! There are quite a few American programmes available over here, too. Things like NCIS and The Good Wife are popular with British audiences. Comedies, not so much so as we have a very different sense of humour and the only US show that comes close was “Friends” which re runs almost constantly on one channel or other. Interesting….

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            1. And yet Americans loved Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served and As Time Goes By (still broadcast here, but maybe not really a comedy?) … and the list goes on. Must say I don’t care for American “comedy” shows…

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