don’t ask . . .

shoulda stopped with that centre back seam . . .
shoulda stopped with that centre back seam . . .

Hello, Lovelies ~

Between grotty weather   ☀️  ❄️  ☔️ ⚡️ and other  gottiness, it’s been a tad diffy to stay focused on what’s important.


Lest anything be taken amiss, our personal sewing. 😉

Focus, del.    F-O-C-U-S.

no-washerDespite a washing machine getting swapped out for one that would admit warm and hot water, not much has been happening on the home front.

Yes, a new low water machine is currently in place, doing its thing for towels using hot water. Nice!

That top Renfrew doesn’t look too good at the mo, but crochet is coming along, with the blue marl (big hook for 2 strands of worsted acrylic) hat about to be finished off.

Have had a good run lately at the library, with a couple audio books (whilst sewing) and a new-to-me author, Carola Dunn. Haven’t tried but one of her Daisy Dalrymple books and found it a bit slow going. However, have raced through her three 1960’s Cornish mysteries, waiting for the high winds to subside tomorrow so I can pick up the current and fourth in the series.

And I’ve finally maybe begun (?) a Midsomer collection, in sheer desperation at what’s not available over here. But that’s a rant for another time.

Meanwhile, may your seams be straight as a ruler, and everything fit just the way you want ~ 💘


4 thoughts on “don’t ask . . .”

  1. I LOVE Midsomer Murders – and Lewis and Morse. I like the fact that they are thrillers but all the gore and violence are left out – suits me fine that way!

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  2. I’ve never been a fan of Midsomer Murders but I have a French friend who loves the series. She wants me to take her over to the U.K. so she can see a ‘typical’ English village. I did tell her that the murder count in England, let alone in one village, isn’t really that high but she seems determined. If you can get hold of ‘In The Line of Duty’ or ‘Happy Valley’ they are both excellent British series. I do watch quite a lot of American ones on Netflix but they do go on – 22 episodes or so in each series – it’s a big commitment when you start watching one of those.
    As a re-born crocheter, I love your blue marl and look forward to seeing the finished hat.

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