fluid sewing thoughts

“Fluid. n. A body whose particles move freely among themselves, and yield to the least  force impressed…

”January isn’t the time for me to be making resolutions, ’cause all I want to do is rest up from a hectic December. But…

There are some patterns sitting on my cutting table, so I’m sharing them with you. They’re things I’ve seen and admired on Ruth’s (Core Couture) and/or Felicia’s (Older Babe Sews Clothes) blogs.

My plans would include lighter weight fabrics, and V- or scooped necklines. And elasticated waists. And pockets, inseam or elsewhere.

So, with all that in mind, let’s look at some piccies, and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts afterwards!

Vogue 9193 (click to go to pattern)

Vogue 9193       Love the hem on this top & would do whichever version I’ve linen enough for, but sleeveless. Felicia reports problems with those dolman sleeves, and solutions. As I’ve had similar thoughts about similar styles, will have a long think before tackling. Fabric: Linen (summer), knits? (winter)

Butterick 5655 – “Fast & Easy” (click to go to pattern)

Butterick 5655 – “Fast & Easy”    Hm. Am thinking a short version from some viscose in stash. Although it might be fun to play with the sleeves
& that front insert… Hold thought for another season. Fabric: Rayon or maybe linen

Vogue 8813      Still pondering what to use with this one… cannot locate a decent knit is the main problem. Or excuse. 😉

Vogue 8813 (click to go to pattern)

Vogue 8813 (click to go to pattern)

Vogue 1508      Like the shape of the top’s hem very much. Trousers are too slim for my taste, plus the back is contrasting fabric from the front. Not my style. Fabric: Linen


photo of my downloaded pattern page

Vogue 1508 (click to go to pattern)

Vogue 1508 (click to go to pattern)

VeraVenus Cardigan Coat (free)    (Click link to go to pattern.) After seeing this several times on people & reading how comfy they found it, I decided to switch my plans for a mustard wool to this pattern. Have a rayon piece cut out now, to check fit, etc., before cutting into the wool. Fabric: wool (winter), rayon (summer)

Butterick 6377  Will change neckline as I don’t do anything that tight round my neck. Fabric: Any stash stretch fabric to pair with V9193 trouser (above).

Butterick 6377 (click to go to pattern)

Butterick 6377 (click to go to pattern)


Vogue 8975    Liked the jacket on this, but the dress is also a possibility. Fabric: Linen, rayon.

Vogue 8975 (click to go to pattern)

Vogue 8975 (click to go to pattern)

Farrow Dress, Grainline    Have not purchased yet; keep trying to talk myself into it. Needs neckline re-do, but that back fascinates me, along with the longer length. Fabric: Almost anything from stash.

McCall’s 6083 Lounging ONLY, in the green version. Fabric: Rayon from stash

Grainline's new Farrow dress (click to go to pattern)

Grainline’s new Farrow dress (click to go to pattern)

McCall's 6083 (click to go to pattern)

McCall’s 6083 (click to go to pattern)


19 thoughts on “fluid sewing thoughts

  1. Thimberlina

    I’m rubbish and catching up! I’m glad I did! I forgot about that free coat pattern, that would be good for sue to make……off to send her the link …..xx

  2. jessthetics

    I feel the same about January – it’s the worst time to be making resolutions! As for the patterns, the green playsuit is predictably my favourite. The cardigan coat looks amazingly cosy too. I have so much fabric in my stash, I need to get back into the swing of sewing! xx

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thanks for sharing the not-in-January thought, Jess.
      I can see you in a version of the green but possibly not for wearing in Edinburgh. Brrrr! But that coat would be perfect, and the pattern’s a free & easy download. Get thee to thy stash, woman! 😉

  3. sewchet

    I made the Vogue 8813 out of linen and the jacket from 8975 from gold velvet and silk – I haven’t got around to blogging it yet, though. Interested to see what fabric you use for these.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Yes! Now I remember – abject apologies for not mentioning your beautiful make, Sheila, and thank you for doing so! Right now I’m thinking challis… but nothing’s been cut yet, and we know how thinking can change. 😉

  4. tialys

    I love the Vogue 8813 even though it’s not a style I would normally wear but there’s just something about it I really like. I hope you find the right fabric for it so you can model it for us. The shirring scares me a bit though – the sewing of it I mean, not the appearance 😉

  5. Natalie

    Hi Del! Love most of the patterns you’ve chosen here! Think my favourite is the 8813 so I hope you manage to find a decent knit soon! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you will sew up in 2017.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thanks, Natalie! Hope the new house is coming along well and all this horrible weather hasn’t made you decide to leave this side the pond! Am not holding my breath on a knit for this as I’ve had the pattern for… a couple years, probably. C’est la vie. 😉

      1. Natalie

        I’m sure one will come along when you least expect it! We are feeling very settled at the moment and it’s lovely 🙂 I don’t mind the rain we are getting as we need it for our new grass…no snow down here yet!

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          So glad you’re moved in & somewhat settled. And good neighbours are a tremendous asset. Lovely home and floor plan. You’ve got space to move around in – yeah!

  6. felicia

    Nice selection of patterns. They look comfortable and drapey. I’m also of two minds about the Farrow. I don’t particularly want a seam running down the front of a dress. And that Veravenus cardigan coat looks good. I think I’ll run over to their website and check it out further 🙂

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you! Glad to have an interesting pattern for you, specially a free one! About that Farrow – thought I’d just put the front on the fold, as I’m not keen on the pocket placement. I’d stick ’em in the side seams. Or fiddle with those pieces somehow. But if I got lazy (strong possibility), a seam down the front doesn’t bother me too much, depending on the fabric & pattern thereof.

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Well, that’s part of my dithering. Sorta feel I’ve been there & done that with big 4 shifts, and want something different for hot, humid summers. It has to be flowy, and this is. The basic pieces (http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0314/4625/products/13003Flats.jpg?v=1478702581) intrigue me with their possibilities-the differing grainline of the bottom piecess adds drape w/o bulk).
          I could always try those pockets just to see if I liked them, and sew them up if I didn’t.
          Interesting that the first hack Grainline’s posted is w/o pockets. 😉 https://www.grainlinestudio.com/2017/01/16/farrow-with-no-pockets/

          1. felicia

            Well, please sew one up and post lots of good pix of it. I’m finding the problem with shifts is that they’re really simple and pretty much the same. How to get some variety?

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