sunday sevens #43

freezer-paper“What,” you might ask, “is so special about freezer paper & crackers?”


Except I had no source for either until Friday. Yippee!

We who sew know freezer paper is great for tracing dressmaking patterns. It’s sturdy enough to write on, you can iron it, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than anything else.

My lack thereof was crimping both use and storage of my PDF patterns.

You know what I’ll finally be able to do this week!

I should also explain that an early Christmas box arrived from my sewing bestie, Samantha. Needless to say, I picked up the phone and we had a long natter whilst I was unwrapping things. (Yes, I tried to wait, but it’s been such a difficult time I needed an early holiday.) Have included some of her lovelies below.

Here’s some of the other things that happened last week ~ as my contribution to Natalie’s Sunday Sevens. If you’d like to find out more, just check out her site.



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  1. Your stats were rising yesterday whilst I looked. Found the blue, but still need to give the orange a search. Oddly, crocheting baskets & bowls are things I’ve got directions to do lately. But promptly forgot. ACK! Thanks for these reminders. 😉

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  2. Sorry to hear so many patterns get “recycled” before their time… that brown paper sounds a treat – can you purchase by the m? If so, you might consider using that for patterns. With the understanding that brown paper does NOT get recycled w/o your looking at it first. Good luck!


  3. Ahh, it’s the little things in life! I’m glad you find a new freezer paper source.Some of the shops near me have brown parcel paper on wide rolls, which is great for large pattern pieces. Sometimes I just sellotape together newspaper but then someone helpful always tries to recycle it and that doesn’t end well… Packages from friends are the best! xx

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  4. I’ve used freezer paper for appliqué – not that I go down that road very often – but didn’t think about it for pattern tracing, I’ll have to give it a try next time. Thanks for the tip. I like the little sweat bands you’ve made with the variegated yarn 😉

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  5. The orange one will be under the crochet category and the blue knitted one probably under gifts. I’d have a look but I’m on the phone just off to a posh do and cutting it fine as I was late home from work xx

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  6. I don’t know what problems you were having this past week, but I was rendered non-functional myself over the u.s. election. And I’m not even american. I’ve never heard of freezer paper, will have to see if stores here stock it. Enjoy some cheese and crackers!

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  7. What about a bag made up with small squares? The tarn would make each square just a bit different. The orange, pink and white one I made a couple of years ago get used lots in the summer, and my blue one in the winter.

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  8. Thank you, Lovely! How’s your impromptu sewing sew-up working? Have you found a table on wheels yet?! Yes, finished the Agatha Raisin book and it has lightened things up a bit, but made me eager to re-read the series. We’ll see how things go this week. Am hoping there’s no 7 AM.

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  9. Hi there Del, lovely week you’ve shared here. I love your plastic bag solution, it’s pure genius! And why didn’t I know about using freezer paper for tracing patterns? Your Christmassy Christie book looks like fun, have your finished it? Is it working? Special gifts from your friend, I hope your difficulties have vanished and you are all smiles now. 😀

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  10. Mmmm, jacobs crackers! They’re not something I think to buy but I do love them with cheese when I remember to. Your pressies look like Christmas has definitely come early for you! What have you got planned for your variegated yarn? 🙂

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