sunday sevens #41 (whoops! forgot one)

autumnal decorations from chicago days

mutter, mutter, toil, and grumble,

why can’t monday

be like sunday?

Must be the time change.

But it’s finally cooled off a bit, and I’ve actually worn long pants and either my Morris or another jacket several times. Yippee!

The grocer had sticky tape/scotch tape on a 2-for-one sale so guess who stocked up? And I’ve gotten one batch of patterns out to start taping pieces more sturdily so they can be folded.

Here’s the rest of the week, the bits I managed to get photos from. Sorry about running a bit short but as Natalie’s “rules” are really easy guidelines, am not too worried.

Hope you enjoy, and are having a lovely week yourselves!

Edited to add:  How could I have forgotten those magazines I picked up for a once-a-year look, just to see what’s going on inside… good thing I decided to clean off that  table!



12 thoughts on “sunday sevens #41 (whoops! forgot one)”

  1. Haha I think the dangle is pretty nice. (too large for me, but nice) We are hanging on, lots of activities – funeral is tomorrow. We got to poll early, I was No. 87 just 15 mins after opening, but no lines when we were there. Easy peasy. Yes, next week for chat?

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  2. Thank you, Sheila. Yes, thought that tiny spot of red was a stand out. Don’t get eh BC thing as it’s voice for me. He’s both got a good one and learnt how to use it effectively for characterisations.

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  3. Thank you, Lovely. Noe keen on that huge dangle off the necklace, so might re-string & remove in the process. Our trees aren’t looking pretty yet, at all. Very disappointing! How are you doing up there? Hope everyone doesn’t stand in line for too long, or get too cold. Wrap up well! Talk later?


  4. Hi Del, starting to feel very crisp around here! And the foliage is amazing – leaves beginning to fall with a vengeance. Some nice finds you’ve acquired in your shopping, that necklace is very pretty. And ditto the BC comments………

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