theresa really gets into it

it’s that time again … đź‘»

just when i thought it was safe

how on earth? you start with a piece of foam from a hobby store . . .
how on earth? you start with a piece of foam from a hobby store . . .

to venture into town

what did i run into


a consignment store

for women’s clothing

with gorgeous hallowe’en decorations

i had to share…

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8 thoughts on “transmogri-what?”

  1. She really enters into the spirit of things in that shop doesn’t she (pun sort of intended). That’s Halloween over for another year then – bring on the Christmas decorations. Although you have Thanksgiving first over there don’t you? Do things get decorated differently or do the Christmas things get put up earlier to cover both events?

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    1. Thank you ~ yes, she does! And the shop’s chock full of similar decorations.
      Good question about what happens next round the States…
      Trough Hallowe’en, stores have been combining with more & more Christmas, with Thanksgiving cards on the racks.
      Thanksgiving’s mostly about food, and company, so marketing goes for a pretty table and extra guests, kitchen goodies for the extra cooking, etc.
      Generally the decorations of corn, coloured leaves, gourds, etc., will stay in place until after Thanksgiving as everyone celebrates that. The scary things get taken down after Hallowe’en.
      There’s more and more emphasis on Christmas, as the so-called big retail shopping day is day after Thanksgiving. Am a bit disgusted to see more & more stores opening earlier and earlier Friday morning (even at midnight of Thanksgiving Thursday) trying to increase their “black Friday” retail sales. (So named as that’s supposedly the day retail gets into the plus side of sales for the year.)
      I’ve always stayed home.


      1. I was thrilled last year to see our 24/7 grocery store announce (after several years of partial holiday hours) that they would close for 24 hours for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Finally getting some sense back into things.

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