sunday sevens #39

curried pork & wild rice
curried pork & wild rice

Golly, another week is gone! Hols are starting to creep closer… And my Sunday Sevens are mounting up. Would never have thought I’d still be doing them. If you’d like to join, wander over to Natalie’s explanation, and have a go!

This past week has been a bit hectic over on this side the pond, but nicely so. If you’re hungry, have a snack before viewing as there are several food photos. Just a suggestion . . . 😉

Monday I was off to get hair done, but forgot the camera. Everyone in the salon crochets, so I took a recent magazine along for them to look at.

My lovely stylist and I discussed knitting. She was intrigued by arm knitting, which I’d never heard of, so she located a video on her phone for us to watch & discuss. We decided it looked too much like having both arms tied by heavy, hot, thick yarn.

Next thing I spy is Ali, aka Thimberlina, arm knitted a prezzie Saturday in 30 minutes, and it looked great! Click the link to see her Sunday Sevens, which have all the deets – thank you, Lovely! 😘 Hope she includes some deets, as I can’t figure out what sort of yarn she was using!

Tuesday I made a lovely curried pork recipe mum used to make. I used uncooked wild rice, lots of candied ginger, cubed apple and raisins, and chicken stock. After browning the chop on both sides I dumped everything into a glass dish and popped it into the oven at about 350℉ with a sheet of foil laid over top so rice wouldn’t dry out.

happy hallowe'en!
happy hallowe’en!

The rest of the week sort of whizzed by whilst I tried to ignore the heavy politics. Early voting began Thursday and lines were around the block all over the state. Is that unusual? Sorry, haven’t a clue.

Here’s another favourite Hallowe’en card, framed and on bath counter (hence the mirror).

Did sit down over several days and do some decorative stitch discovering. I took several doubled pieces of a cotton/linen blend and started numerically and have gone through almost all of the stitches.

It’s proving several things – that I do have a proper chart (thanks to Rainbow Junkie), and this exercise is helpful because sometimes the chart only shows 1 of the pattern. That 1 can be a bit enigmatic if there’s just the one. If I can begin concentrating on purchasing solid colour fabrics for basics, these samples will come in quite handy.

Taking it easier on Saturday, had take away delivered from the local pizza place – manicotti and salad. Yum!

And Sunday have popped another batch of double chocolate bran muffins in the oven. When I made the last batch I measured out for 2, and left the leavening out of the second batch. Then I put the second batch (dry ingredients only) into a bag and popped it into the freezer until needed. A quick mix of the wet ingredients, plus baking powder, and into the oven. Now I’m supplied for another few weeks. 😀

It’s finally turned a bit cooler here, with temps in the 60-70℉ range instead of 70-90℉. However, leaves aren’t changing yet, so I’ve switched my computer desktop photo and this blog background to photos from last November. Guess it’ll be closer to Thanksgiving before we see colour around here. Please keep taking those luscious piccies of the glorious colours elsewhere, Lovelies!

The buttons? Oh, Am spending time staring at them, deciding which one to add to the very top of my Folkwear Middy jacket, in cotton & linen, which is now in season. Pattern is here, and super easy to construct.

May your week bring delightful surprises and happy sewing!

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  1. What lovely sevenses. I think that pork recipe is one I should try, sounds so delicious! The jacket is so cute (love the back!)….my eyes see the bottom right button as a perfect match, if it’s big enough. It seems like once upon a time a long time ago I had a strip of those sample stitches…..

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    1. Thank you! I do like the jacket and should make it up in something else, but can never decide what. I was thinking top left button, as it’s not wooden and the others are. Yes, I think either are large enough (7/8″), but am still undecided. The other two are 1-1/8″. Must say I’m itching to find some thread to use for something decorative, after doing almost all the stitches. There’s the rub! Where to find . . . t’internet, I guess. Glad you’re back! Let me know when you feel like catching up.
      Very heavy early voting down here, since last Thurs. As in 2-hr waiting lines today. Fingers & toes all crossed!


  2. What’s ‘Mannicotti’? Looks delicious but I’ve never heard of it. Just had bacon and eggs for breakfast luckily, or would be reaching out to the fridge by now. Glad you got your stitches sorted and, wow, that’s a good selection! Do you think you’ll use even half of them?! Arm knitting leaves me thinking what I’d do if I needed a wee halfway through……..

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  3. I didn’t take your advice and read your post before tea, and now I’m soooo ravenous!! I have just done some googling and am about to edit my Sunday Sevens with a couple of links for arm knitting!! I might need a sandwich first, lol xx

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    1. Lololol! ! !
      Just updated my post to link directly to yours – THANK YOU!!! I foresee several more of these in your future. 😉
      As for having a sandwich… after reading your post, with those huge puddings, was very glad to have my own meal directly in front of me. he-he-he!


    1. Thank you, Margaret! Am rather pleased I went ahead and did the samples, and like the variety. Will have to keep my eye out for proper threads to use with them. My machine is used, but newer than the previous, which might have had 20 decorative stitches… but did a rocking good buttonhole, which this one might not. Buttonholes should be next on my agenda. 😲


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