sunday sevens #38

It’s time for Sunday Sevens again, as created by Natalie. Anyone can participate, and the rules are very flexible! Why not check it out ~

Special thanks to Nee (Sew Fusion) and Ali (Thimberlina) for their guidance prepping that mustard wool on Friday & Saturday.

It’s washed, dried, and awaiting ironing to steam out the wrinkles before cutting out.

As what? Oh, didn’t I say? Am thinking a coat from Butterick.

But before that can happen, I’ve a batch of linen (and more warm days) to get through.

Hope your week is wonderful!


10 thoughts on “sunday sevens #38

  1. sewchet

    Urgh – mending is my least favourite part of being able to sew, especially someone else’s mending. Pumpkins are now in the shops over here, although I always roast it or make soup and have never tried pumpkin pie. Love the mustard wool – perfect for a coat.

  2. Thimberlina

    Haha, you photo bomber made me smile! They’re featured in the gift ideas of this months live sewing magazine. All his cousins will be everywhere!
    I’m thinking I might make pumpkin pie this year, I made it years ago and it was scrummy. H is too old this year to dress up, I’m a bit gutted that he doesn’t want me to make him a costume.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Yes, homemade pumpkin pie is scrummy! Over here you can’t make pie out of those huge things I pictured – strictly for carving. Much smaller ones, called sugar pumpkins, are what some markets sell for pies. But most people just buy a can, which is already cooked & pureed.
      Too bad about H. Maybe he’ll change his mind?
      I’ll tell Miss M you’ve remembered her – she’ll be thrilled. And probably glad to know she’ll soon have cousins round the world. Uh-oh. She might decide to go travelling. Wonder if I could tag along . . . 😀
      (Sent you an email earlier.)

  3. tialys

    Pumpkins and chrysanthemums abound here too at the moment. Halloween isn’t that big a deal here so I think the pumpkins get eaten more than carved but the next day, 1st November, is Toussaint where the French visit their family graves and place fresh chrysanthemums which makes a change from the plastic flowers they usually put there!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you so much for letting me know about the French customs this time of year. Are the French eating pumpkins smaller, but still orange? (See my answer to Ali for deets.)
      Find it diffy to think of the French using plastic anything…

      1. robynsewsthisandthat

        Yes! Classes just wrapped up tonight and I have a week (or so) of rest before the next bunch get going. I love this stuff but, the anticipation of scheduling for next sessions drives me crazy.


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