about our wools . . .

i got the last of the bolt, but fabworks mill shop's still listing so maybe more's coming...

i got the last of the bolt, but fabworks’ still listing it so maybe more’s coming…

Dear Neela,

Thank you for admiring the mustard wool I got from Fabworks Mill Shop! I’m very pleased with it, and can’t wait for cooler weather so I can begin making my coat.

Was thinking about our “how to prep our wool fabric” question last night and remembered Fabworks has a YouTube channel! And they probably talk about wools.

Yes! They’re 2 videos; Tips and Tricks talks about fabric preparation.

So have at it, and keep us all posted!




9 thoughts on “about our wools . . .

  1. Thimberlina

    Gorgeous colour Del. My woolly wash last 30 minutes, and they sell a special deterrent for silks and wool, or I use a none biological liquid. It’s a gentle wash that has a full fast spin at the end. Xx

      1. Thimberlina

        I can set it to 20, 30 or 40. Or even do a cold cycle. A Luke warm 20 degrees should be ok as your coat will only need freshening up no and again, not a proper wash. 😀

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          THANK YOU Ali ! ! !
          20C is around 70F, so lukewarm it is.
          For U.S. sewers, my knitting friends all tell me Woolite is NOT very good, and very overpriced.
          Many of them use a gentle hair shampoo. (Wool is hair of a sheep. 😉)

          Ali, I like your suggestion of using a “none biological liquid” soap. That’s probably easier to find and less expensive.

          Now, my only question is, can I tumble dry on low heat?

          Practically none of us over here can peg out. I’ve got over 3 m of 60″ wool & my shower rod won’t accommodate over 120″ of damp wool!

          1. Thimberlina

            I wouldn’t risk tumble drying. Unless maybe you try a measured square and see if it shrinks. What about cutting your fabric into smaller pieces, that are just a bit bigger than the big pattern pieces so it will be more manageable to dry? 😃

          2. CurlsnSkirls Post author

            Great idea, Ali! And it got me going with the fabric.
            I started unfolding it, holding it up, watching how it moved – all that stuff we do with our fabrics.
            Then I thought – wait a minute. I bet my shower rail is about 60″ wide… it is. So if I flip the 3+ m over it, it’s not gonna to drag on the floor… and of course it didn’t. Du-u-u-h. (embarrassed face)

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Hi, Nee! I don’t have a wool cycle on my washer. 😢 (Guess American manufacturers assume everything goes to the cleaners – NOT!)
      I have options for water temp & for gentle to regular agitation & spin dry.
      What does your washer’s wool setting do for temp, agitation?

      Are you hanging your wool to dry? I’ve got over 3 m, and can’t peg out over here – meeeh!

      1. neela

        I can set the temperature and spin cycle. I’ll probably put it on the lowest temperature about 20-30 degrees and wash for 15 mins followed by a light spin. I’ll dry it over a rack or over my ironing board. Nx


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