sunday sevens #37

bright & sunny & co-o-ol after the storm
bright & sunny & co-o-ol after the storm

It’s been an unusual week, to say the least. Although the most unusual bits have been the last 3 days, and this huge storm.

More to come even though the rains have stopped, as rivers won’t crest for up to several days from now, windy conditions continue to fell trees across power lines, and roads are badly damaged in many locations.

Nothing various other countries haven’t experienced from time to time. Unfortunately. Perhaps the difference over here is the length and breadth of the storm’s track.

By my extremely unofficial measuring, the storm battered about 1,000 miles of coastline before changing direction and going off to sea.

That appears to be about the equivalent of the distance from the southern tip of Norway down to Crete.

Width-wise it would have covered Ireland and Wales completely, and much if not most of England and Scotland.

The European coastline then becomes too full of ins and outs for me to figure further down. Hopefully this gives some scale for comparison for both sides of the pond.

Thus endeth the geography lesson. 😀

May we all have a wonderfully productive week ahead!

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(Edited to add link to article in The New York Times on the storm.)

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  1. Very hard to imagine the kind of scale of that storm – no weather system encapsulates the whole of Great Britain as our weather is quite regional for such a small space. Great lamp!

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  2. Am grateful for your good thoughts, and hoped the comparison would help. It’s difficult for me to imagine “small,” having spent so much time in “large.” Glad you like the linen – just got it cut out. Now to overlock the edges, mark the darts, and sew up. Am still very conflicted about the rough texture… 😳


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