sunday sevens #34

sunday7LOGOIt’s Sunday and time for Sunday Sevens, thought up by Natalie, of Threads and Bobbins. Anyone can participate whenever, so feel free to join in.

Where has the week gone? It’s already past the middle of September!

Last weekend was Last Night at the Proms and I was so preoccupied with breakdowns I forgot to listen. AGH!!!

But the entire 3 ½ hours are available for listening, and a little for viewing, depending on what country you’re watching from.

And no, you don’t have to listen to it all in one go. Above the line in the Iplayer are little squares, indicating where each piece starts. Hover your cursor and titles appear.

Nothing like the zaniness of the second half to put me back on track. (Yes, I sing along.) Only available for 3 more weeks, so listen soon. ⌛️

I attacked the UFO/alteration pile last week, and managed to overcome a reluctance to use a twin needle as well as reduce the pile, and am feeling quite chuffed. Below, the pale green is a men’s silk shirt re-do, liberated from a charity shop. The rest are updates to existing makes.

Am also debating my next project, and what thread to use. I’d thought white originally, but looking amongst my blue  spools saw variegated. It looks tempting, and as this is another lounge around home project, only my eyes would be offended. What do you think? The fabric came from a trade with Anne/Compulsive Seamstress, and the pattern from Ali/Thimberlina.

Lastly, my UK DVD of Agatha Raisin finally arrived. Am a fan of both author  M.C. Beaton’s series(es?), Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth, so was delighted to see Agatha being made for telly. The U.S. compatible version isn’t available yet, so am very grateful my hardware/software plays PAL.

meet the adorable Hodge (and Ms. Jensen)

However, the movie raises two questions:

  • Why can’t I find frozen breakfasts like Agatha’s over here?
  • Is everyone flipping back & forth doing video calls like Agatha, her therapist, and Roy?

Hope everyone has a lovely week planned, and we all survive the regional weather shifts!

  🌈  ☀️🌈


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  1. I’ve read the Agatha Raisin books, well a few of them at least, but never watched on TV. With this, and other things I’ve enjoyed in books, I’m wary that watching someone else’s interpretation will spoil my view of it. Ruth Rendall (Wexford books) – she ended up writing her later books to match the TV interpretation rather than the original, so there are quite a few discrepancies in character descriptions. However, it’s the TV version for me there!
    Good luck with your next project.

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  2. Noooo, a frozen full English will probably make you gag and wonder what all the fuss is about! It has to be freshly cooked from local ingredients, then there’s nothing better. Especially that smell of bacon….
    Great work with the twin needle, which reminds me, I must buy a new one.

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    1. Thank you & don’t forget that double needle!
      Afraid many Americans don’t or can’t get local, fresh foods, so wouldn’t know. (Shock – horror 😱)
      Whilst living in Chicago (downtown) 6-7 yrs ago there was much controversy about the downtown food desert; i.e., total lack of anywhere to buy milk or bread or eggs, so the national drug stores started stocking those items. Unfortunately there are many areas where residents have to travel distances to get to any food store, and don’t have much of a choice.
      Agribusiness is very large, and small farmers are gone, for all practical purposes. We can’t get permission to hang a line to peg out laundry, let alone keep a few chickens!
      You are very fortunate!

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      1. I guess we, as a nation, are lucky – we are a very small country and a large proportion of it is farmed. I can get everything I need within five miles of my village, most of which is produced within the same distance, from milk to venison and everything in between.

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  3. Gosh, you’ve been busy! You’ll be spoilt for choice wgatvto wear with your latest wardrobe additions! I’m thinking the variegated thread, which is good seen as your on with it.
    On the breakfast note, do you get breakfasts open a tin over there? It’s a tin of beans with other breakfasty things in it? Not the real deal but a change from cornflakes! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Lovely, but still have too many orphans… 😢 Got the blue cotton edges overlocked tonight. Not planning on either interfacing or lining either front or back yoke. What’cha think? Just want it cool and soft. I haven’t heard or seen beans with anything else, but sounds grand. 😀

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  4. Very interesting post, and I love your finished projects. I have some of that thread, used it on a paisley fabric in multiple shades of blue – worked like a charm. I think you should give it a go. And new books to search out! (Not that I’ve done any reading lately…..)

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  5. Yew! Frozen English breakfast :o. I’ve never seen such a thing but have no doubt it exists – I thought you had every ready meal available over there. One of the pleasures of a full English is the smell of the frying (or grilling) sausages and bacon – in fact I prefer the smell of bacon cooking to the taste of it if I’m honest. Despite the common assumption in my bit of France that Brits eat cooked breakfast every single morning – I only ever have one on the occasional weekend (and only if my husband’s cooking it) and if I’m staying in a hotel and want to make the most of the ‘breakfast included’ .
    The variegated blue thread looks as if it might work but I can’t tell what garment is going to be – p.j.s? lounge around pants? in either case I’d say go for it.

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    1. Ah, that’s a “full English.” I wasn’t sure. Might be a tad queasy on the bacon/sausage m’self, depending on mood, but would gobble down beans of the Heinz variety. (Over here that blue label runs an outrageous $3 per can.) I do prefer more substantial breakfast fare than many Americans, but I taper down as the day wears.
      U.S. grocery freezers have endless rows of breakfast frozen meals, but it seems to be either pancakes or waffles in more flavours than imaginable, or combinations of egg-bacon-sausage on bread-muffin-biscuit-croissant. If I’m microwaving bread with something atop, it comes out soggy. Thus, a tray with separate sections for various items seems imminently preferably.
      Blue fabric is either a long blouse or short gown, depending on… whatever. Will give that thread a go – just didn’t want to seem to detract from the lovely embroidery… will try to nix any top stitching. 😉
      Thank you!


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