teetering on the edge of autumn (sunday sevens #33)

decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!
decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!

Ho, hum,
When will Autumn come?

Not soon enough for me, but then I’m not a heat lover.
Condolences to those who are.

Here are last week’s highlights, not worth their own posts. Natalie of Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea, and anyone can join in.

What’s not included is Thursday’s unexpected deluge.   You can imagine wringing out towels without photos. ‘Twas a leak, finally discovered coming from above. Er, from an upper floor. Looking on the positive side, I’m rearranging my sewing space.

Thought laundry day was going to join the Come & Fix It list, but unplugging the washer as the manual advised reset things, thank goodness!

Hope everyone is having a gloriously productive week!

🌞   💕   🌞

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Also submitted for WordPress Photo Challenge.

4 thoughts on “teetering on the edge of autumn (sunday sevens #33)”

  1. Oh, how I wish our weather forecast looked like that just occasionally! I really don’t like the way that Christmas etc. are pushed on us way too early nowadays, but I don’t suppose the stores would do it if there wasn’t a call for it?

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    1. What isn’t mentioned is the humidity, Sheila, which is high, and raises the “feels like” temp. Can’t speak for your shops, but over here, it might be a “chicken & egg” sort of thing… but I’d suspect it wasn’t consumers pushing things forward. 😉

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  2. I suppose it’s not TOO early for pumpkins when you consider the Christmas cards are already in the shops in the U.K. – and have been for a few weeks. Does that happen in the U.S.? When we first moved to France the Christmas goodies didn’t get put up in the shops until late November but I’ve noticed that, each year, it gets a little bit earlier.

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    1. Oh my… Yes, that’s been happening over here for ages, each season seems to start earlier. Eventually I guess everything will be available all the time.
      Wait! That’s Amazon, isn’t it… and eBay.


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