mirror, mirror on the wall…

another fav: silk:rayon trouser & cotton top


… how I cheated and fooled you all.

No, this isn’t Snow White and I’m not the Wicked Queen.
It was dumb luck that this photo had some points in it’s favor.

I’ve been reflecting on what styles would be most flattering and comfortable for Autumn/Winter cooler weather and my current working-from-home life style, so I  decided to do an analysis. The before is the colour photo on the left.

The analyzed after (right) includes a bit of dodgy playing with trouser width.

analysis & "corrected" trouser width

analysis & wider trouser, with heads marked off on the sides

  • Pinned naturally poofy hair up, and put curls on top of poof
  • Wore darker shade on bottom without a stark contrast
  • Had a 2/3 ratio between light top and darker bottom
  • Longer, fuller trouser has vertical (natural) fold lines to visually lengthen legs
  • Wore high heels with slight platform
  • Pooled pants legs over instep
  • Twisted upper body to show thinner side view
  • Twist adds pleasing vertical folds that help balance the bolder contrasts of the top’s colours
  • Arranged arms outward to add width to upper torso, and bring into better balance with lower torso
  • Further emphasized face area by having camera & both hands at face level

Can you tell how much better I would have looked with a solid, fuller pair of trousers? Lots more of those vertical slimming lines, and they would have been longer.

If it had been a skin-tight pair of leggings I’d have looked like a popsicle. Definitely not the look I’m going for.

Now if I can just stop being tempted by all the wrong silhouettes . . .


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10 thoughts on “mirror, mirror on the wall…

  1. Thimberlina

    Seeing pics of myself a lot has definitely opened my eyes as to what suits me and what doesn’t. It’s good how you did the before and after pic and talked us through it, your poofy hair comment made me chuckle. I always thought I had bushy hair. Then one day when I was about 35 I put mousse on it (not strawberry, lol) and the bushiness when a bit curly. I think those with poker straight hair would love our poofiness! 😀

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Am delighted you felt this was useful! Never knew what to do with my hair until I began highlights. That processing seemed to help. Maybe the equivalent of your mousse (not strawberry – chocolate, right?) 😉

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you so much, Anne, but I cannot claim any part of this – it’s all principles of art that go back to the ancient Greeks, and are taught every day in art schools around the world… applied to clothing as has been done by many people throughout time. Nothing original here! 😉
      Congratulations on your getting to Round 2 in the PR challenge! 🎉 I’m sorry I don’t comment on your blog, but that host is very unfriendly toward comments from all who aren’t signed up with them. It’s not you! The problem is recognized across the board, and many bloggers change, either from “there” to “here” or vice versa. Depends on your audience I guess. 😉
      Anyway, good luck in Round 2!

  2. oursewingpatch

    Funny you should talk of shapes. Photos of HH party last Saturday has taught me a HUGE lesson. My neck has officially gone awol so must always go for deep v necks from here on in AND going to get a serious hair cut while I’m at it. Waaaay too much volume which further exaggerates my lack of neck, need some shaping to my mop! Mortified doesn’t describe how I felt when I saw the photos BUT to take a positive from it I now know exactly what shapes I need to be wearing 🤗

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Lovely, am so sorry for your experience, but glad you’re taking the positive side. Am trying to do the same, so your example is valued greatly. Can we compare notes Sunday?

  3. craftycreeky

    Had to smile at the 7th one, my ex was a photographer and I still automatically twist hips slightly with one foot forward for any photo!
    It does seem to take us years to realise what suits us and what just doesn’t work and even then it is so easy to be tempted by the wrong shape or colour!!


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